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English Premier league: Contest

Dexsport decided to check how well our users understand sports and whether they can predict the outcomes of various events in the world of sports. So, we present to you the Dexsport Contest, in which you can earn a lot of money by participating!

Participants could test their sports knowledge and compete for the grand prize - $1000! All they had to do was guess the outcome of five questions about events in the world of sports. Having answered all five questions correctly, they could become the owners of the main cash prize.

But don't worry, even if you couldn't guess the top five, Dexsport still offered a unique opportunity to earn! Participants who guessed 3/5 or 4/5 questions could win a consolation prize of $500. This meant that everyone had a chance to win, even if they didn't guess all the questions.


  • Wolves 1-3 Liverpool
  • Fulham 1-0 Luton Town
  • Tottenham 2-1 Sheffield
  • West Ham 1-3 Man City
  • Aston Villa 3-1 Crystal Palace

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Dexsport Contest, and congratulations to the winners! Don't miss the next chance to win and demonstrate your knowledge in the world of sports. Dexsport is always there to give you pleasure and the opportunity to earn!