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The online casino gambling industry has increased in recent times thanks to the acceptance of various cryptocurrencies, including Monero, which has been created precisely to bring anonymity to the online world. It's the beginning of a new way of betting in casino games and sports that you can have access to whenever you want and across the world.

Now, anonymous crypto betting sites are entering the scene with Web3 platforms like Dexsport as the main attraction. These platforms can accept an anonymous payment method that helps maintain the players' financial information completely secured.

Players can bet anonymously in crypto bookmakers, without the need to expose their identities, deposit money, and bet safely without being detected.

In this article, we want to show you how to place sports bets anonymously on the best crypto gambling sites.

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What Is Anonymous Sports Betting?

Anonymous sportsbook betting websites are platforms for online Bitcoin gambling that don't require any personal information to bet on them. At anonymous crypto betting sites, you won't need to pass the registration process

After that, you'll be able to start betting without limits, where you can be part of the VIP program, having access to virtual sports, events, and high-standard profits.

Traditional sports betting websites normally ask for a lot of personal information when you join the platform. These days, people want to get private and make safe transactions when they play.

This is where anonymous betting sites appear.

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Are Decentralized Betting Sites Anonymous?

One of the main problems of traditional betting sites is that information could be hacked easily, and you, as a user, can lose your funds and your process online.

This is why a decentralized platform is always going to be a better option.

Decentralized crypto betting sites are usually anonymous. There are a few characteristics that make these betting platforms safer than traditional online casinos.

Here listed you will know what makes them so special and anonymous.

No Personal Data Is Needed

When you register into anonymous sports betting sites, like Dexsport, they won't ask for your personal information.

You only need to have a crypto wallet and synchronize it with the betting platforms.

No Countries Restrictions

Sports betting sites usually respond to each country's law about crypto matters; decentralized crypto gambling sites don't have central operators and that's why this is not an issue to bet from wherever you are.

On Dexsport, we believe in the free economy and the power of our players to handle their own assets as they want through the use of safe crypto betting platforms.

Nevertheless, if you are located in a country with complete restrictions about any kind of digital currency matter you won't be able to use any type of Bitcoin gambling site.

Direct Connection with Crypto Wallets

Anonymous Bitcoin betting sites don't force you to deposit your funds directly into the platform.

On the contrary, they use safe open-source protocols that allow you to connect your wallet with the platform.

This way you can have a Metamask wallet connected and synchronize with the anonymous sports betting site without having to put your assets in danger..

Some platforms also use WalletConnect. This software is compatible with more than 100 wallets and Dapps available on Web3 like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Ledger Live, and PancakeSwap. It works as a bridge between your wallet and the platform.

On the other hand, you can personally check the address of your transaction thanks to an online scanner.

Anonymous Payment Methods

When you use a decentralized crypto betting site, any transaction you make is completely private, due to the fact that you don't need to involve your personal bank account or any information about yourself.

Online gambling with any digital currency inside decentralized platforms is completely anonymous as any crypto matter online, and thanks to the growth of the gambling industry in the actual time you have hundreds of slot games, virtual sports, and eSports available for BTC betting.

For example, you can receive Bitcoin payments without verification

Betting anonymously gives you the advantage that users who send you money won't know your personal information and vice versa.

Free-Tax Transactions

The principal advantage of anonymous decentralized sports betting websites is that you don't have to pay taxes.

This happens because you don't need to use a traditional fiat currency or bank transfer to bet and, as result, there's no need for personal debit/credit cards.

The power of decentralized anonymous betting sites is that the player has the whole control of their money and their assets, that's why you don't directly deposit funds into the website, there is no withdrawal limit.

Depending on the cryptocurrency you use, the process will vary. Transactions are based on smart contracts that are stored automatically on the blockchain and are completely private.

In Dexsport, we support several cryptocurrencies, like DESU token, BUSD, and others, in order to make the transaction process easier for every player.

Fair Bets and Lower Fees

Thanks to the smart contracts stored inside the blockchain, anonymous BTC betting sites became a trustworthy space for bettors.

Working with anonymous payment methods helps the players to make fair bets with transparent processes.

Compared to traditional crypto online casinos, which could take from 5% up to 10% of the total gambling amount, on decentralized sites like ours, withdrawal and deposit money fees are 0% because we don't get involved in these processes between the platform and your wallet.

When you need your funds, only click "withdraw funds" and they'll be available immediately.

Benefits of Anonymous Betting Sites

The first thing that must be maintained when betting anonymously, is the privacy of the actions that are made at betting platforms.

The level of anonymity can vary depending on the betting site, so it is important to research before selecting the crypto casino site that suits your preferences and gives you the most confidence.

Below we mention the benefits that you will receive when you choose anonymous betting methods.


When you join an online betting site, you can place a sports bet or play casino games anonymously using your favorite digital currency.

Thanks to the blockchain, there is no possibility of hackers stealing your personal data.

Due to the fact that you deposit cryptocurrency on the website, nobody except you can access your payment methods.

Payments Methods

Thanks to the use of crypto wallets, your bank can't trace your purchases.

Also, even if you have an anonymous account, you can access different sports markets and the best Bitcoin casinos available for fair bets.

For all anonymous payment methods, there are several cryptocurrencies available, they can be:

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Tether
  • Monero

Faster Transactions

The principal advantage of these anonymous betting sites is payment methods.

Having your account directly connected to your wallet gives you the option of monitoring your transactions and receiving your money.

Also, you don't have to worry about fee charges or exchange rates. You can deposit or withdraw your funds any time you want.

Sports & eSports to Bet at Anonymous Betting Sites

Crypto sports betting sites allow you to play different kinds of virtual sports that are available on betting markets. From football to basketball and online games.

Here listed are some online gambling options.


Anonymous crypto betting sites have as many options as traditional sports betting websites, nevertheless, crypto gambling sites offer higher bets than conventional ones.


Considered the most popular sport and most-watched in the world, The European Champions League, and The Europa League are considered the most popular option for sports inside anonymous betting platforms.

The principal market involves the most basic bet: choosing the winner of a game.

The statistics of this market can be very volatile, and you must study when it is time to bet for the local team or guide your bettings on the team's strategy.

Compared to other sports, soccer draws are common and could represent a value wager for the player.

Soccer has different kinds of markets. The most difficult one is the goals market, which is based on the final result of the match.

You can bet into half markets, which are based on the result of each half time of the game.

There are specific markets like the first goalscorer or specific aspects during the game.

Depending on the market you choose, your gambling options could change and you can make bigger profits.


Tennis is considered a light-quick action on bettings because matches are short and statistics are easy.

The primary market for tennis is, as in soccer, betting for the player you think is going to win.

It's worth saying that the value odds for this game can change a lot depending on the gambling site you choose. You could see a difference of up to 5% across different platforms.

In both categories, men, and women, players assist in numerous matches during the year, so one option for placing sports bets in tennis is spotting a possible tournament winner and back them with a good price.

You can bet for specific endings of a match like the total number of sets or the final number of games.

This sport is ideal for those who enjoy live sports markets and gambling sites because value odds can change very quickly.

Sports betting is a huge market inside anonymous gambling sites, there are many other traditional sports available like American football, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Golf, sports events, and more.

Each of them with different value odds and size of opportunities.


This particular market started as an entertainment industry, based on fun and difficulty.

The video games industry became so powerful and complex that people started creating tournaments and competitions around these games and called them eSports.

Here are some of the most popular games on the market where you can start betting anonymously.

League of Legends (LoL)

This multiplayer battle arena-style game has conquered the hearts of millions of players around the world since its launch in 2009.

During the last years, this game created a reputation among the eSports enthusiasts that keeps growing every day.

The bettors for this game can find different markets where profits will come easily. For example, the winner of a match, or more specific odds like who's team will make the first kill or take the first tower.

Thanks to the growth of the eSports market during the last few years, the tournament market is available for League of Legends due to the thousands of live competitions that are made worldwide, and bettors could select their favorite team for thousands of leagues around the world.


The newest game of Riot Games brings a first-person shooter experience that has risen quickly around the world

This strategy game is a newborn inside betting site but already has a growing public for 3 main reasons: good game, future pro players, and higher profits.

Valorant is considered a game out of the patterns of Riot Company, its structure is more than a shooter game, according to the players need strategy and wise decisions for victory.

These characteristics quickly bring the attention of bettors to a new market incoming

Big competitors of other games from Riot have migrated to Valorant in a very short time, as an emerging project this represents a higher probability of profits and growing betting markets.

Finally, despite the growing game inside gambling sites, fewer players represent higher probabilities of winning the bets based on the fact that it's a game with fewer bettors than other eSports.

Video games created a huge space inside anonymous betting sites and there is a whole eSports category that includes popular games like DOTA 2, CS:GO, Rainbow 6, Rocket League, and more.

How to Bet at Anonymous Betting Sites?

If you want to start gambling at Bitcoin sports betting sites anonymously, there are some simple steps you need to follow. Have in mind that not all sites work the same.

Here listed is how to bet on a crypto betting site easily:

  • Find an anonymous sports betting site that is trustable.
  • Verify if it requires registration or not. If it's requesting information from you, then it's not anonymous and you should look for another platform.
  • Once you find the website, deposit the money to the platform to have your funds available to bet.
  • Look for the game you want to participate in, it can be a sports or eSports one.
  • Select the odds and the amount of tokens you want to bet.
  • Confirm your bet and wait for the result.

As you can see, anonymous betting sites are way easier to bet in than traditional Bitcoin casinos. The thing is that you probably won't get any bonuses like a deposit bonus or a welcome bonus because you aren't either depositing money on the platform or registering.

Note: If you don't have funds to use, you will need to go to crypto exchanges like PancakeSwap or Binance first.

Anonymous Betting Sites - FAQ

Depending on your residence location.

Commonly, anonymous betting sites are decentralized platforms that work internationally, but there are some countries that don't allow any kind of crypto transactions.

Dexsport is available worldwide and is considered the safer gambling site thanks to its operations based on the blockchain.

Crypto bookmakers have markets available for traditional sports and esports, such as Football, Tennis, Basketball, LoL, DOTA 2, and more.

Our gambling site, Dexsport, offers several sports where you can place bets. Here you can check some of the options you can pick:

  • Ice hockey
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • CS:GO
  • Rocket League
  • Rainbow 6

Yes, cryptocurrencies are the principal payment method, which is why you need a crypto wallet.

This is because you don't need to register and give your personal information to the platforms, you only need to deposit your assets and that's it. This allows our users to avoid the use of fiat currency and remain anonymous when they are betting with crypto bookmakers.

Yes, most decentralized betting sites give you the option to place sports bets anonymously.

In these platforms, players have total control and monitoring of their transactions inside the platform.

The anonymous feature is a result of having the betting site based on smart contracts stored on the blockchain.

The best way to find an anonymous betting site on the internet is by looking at crypto sports betting communities where you can find recommendations and platform reviews.

Once you pass over that, you need to understand a few things about these platforms:

  • The trustworthiness of a gambling site is based on the fact that it works with an end-to-end cryptosystem.
  • You won't need a personal bank account or any personal information to start playing.
  • Guarantees transparent and fast transactions.
  • No deposit or withdrawal limits.

These are the main characteristics you should look for in crypto sports betting sites if you want to find the best option for you.

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