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Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

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No deposit bonuses are some of the best Bitcoin casino bonuses. Most gambling sites offer these promotions to new players as welcome packages and existing players as VIP bonuses.

This review will help you understand how Bitcoin casinos' no deposit bonuses work, betting benefits of decentralized betting platforms, types of Bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses, rules to follow when withdrawing a no deposit bonus after a win, and the pros and cons of no deposit bonuses.

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What is a Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

As the name suggests, a Bitcoin no deposit bonus refers to online casino promotions that don't require you to deposit wagering funds to claim them. In essence, they allow you to play casino games for free and win real money.

Bitcoin casinos give the no deposit bonus in the form of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as “test money” to new players after joining a particular platform or to existing players after referring new customers. But this does not concern a first-deposit bonus, a second deposit bonus, or any other reload bonus.

The referred person must create an account with that specific crypto casino using a no deposit bonus code for you to receive a referral bonus. Moreover, the new player must make a minimum deposit for you to receive a referral bonus.

What is DESU token?

Dexsport No Deposit Bonuses Vs. Other Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Before comparing Dexsport no deposit bonuses with traditional Bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses, let's start by understanding how Dexsport works.

The gambling industry took a significant turn after the introduction of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Players can now enjoy more transparent and fair games thanks to these technologies.

Blockchain is responsible for creating provably fair games, allowing players to verify random number generators of their favorite Bitcoin casino games to ensure the house is not cheating. On the other hand, blockchain has led to the emergence of betting sites such as Dexsport that rely on smart contracts.

Dexsport is the first Web3 crypto betting protocol running on BNB Chain. BNB Chain allows users to play in a shared liquidity pool while receiving their winnings via blockchain.

BNB Chain is an innovation aimed at introducing interoperability and programmability on Binance Chain using smart contracts. As a result, Dexsport is able to reduce fees and block times (the time it takes for miners or validators to verify transactions within a block).

Dexsport features sports betting, including eSports, P2P betting on exchange rates and play-to-earn betting. Moreover, the web3 crypto betting site offers more benefits compared to other Bitcoin casinos. You can use a no deposit bonus to enjoy the following benefits on Dexsport:

Exclusive Bonuses

Dexsport has an affiliate program that allows users who are marketers, traffic managers, bloggers, and influencers to earn an income through the platform. These individuals can monetize their personal accounts with the help of Dexsport”s constant, reliable and passive income.

Anyone willing to join the affiliate program can contact Dexsport”s customer support team and share their social media, country, wallet address, and traffic type.

After becoming a partner, the user is able to see all the statistics using their Affiliate Partner personal account. More importantly, partners get to enjoy up to 50% of the profit, and monthly payments are made directly into their USDT wallets.


Dexsport also features airdrop programs. For instance, the platform gives a total of 500 USDT to 500 lucky winners. All they have to do is sign up for the offer and complete simple social tasks to claim the entries, where each winner walks away with 1 USDT.

Users can subscribe to Dexsport”s newsletter, join Dexsport”s Telegram Channel, or follow its Twitter and Facebook accounts to receive alerts on upcoming airdrops.

Transparent and Secure Transactions

Since Dexsport is a decentralized betting protocol that runs on smart contracts, third parties are not involved during payments. This translates to faster transactions that are not available in other Bitcoin casinos.

Besides, linking your betting account directly to your Bitcoin wallet allows you to monitor your transactions whenever you want.

Anonymous Betting

Anonymous betting is another advantage that sets Dexsport apart from traditional Bitcoin casinos. In most cases, conventional Bitcoin casinos require you to give your personal information when creating an account. On the contrary, you can bet anonymously at Dexsport because it doesn't require you to give your personal details when creating an account.

Anonymous betting involves the use of cryptocurrencies like Monero and Dexsport is no different. The betting model allows players to make predictions safely and hide their financial data. This privacy prevents hackers from accessing players' information, making web 3 betting platforms more secure than traditional Bitcoin betting sites.

Moreover, Dexsport requires bettors to use cryptographic keys when accessing their funds. In essence, Dexsport relies on secret keys, hash functions, and public keys to secure its customers' information. Other cryptocurrencies used in anonymous betting sites include Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

DESU Token Holders Enjoy More Benefits

Thanks to Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), this web 3 betting site ensures that DESU holders can access in-house privileges, including community voting on propositions and management of the network. This makes Dexsport more trustworthy since participants get comfortable when betting at Dexsport.

Other benefits of holding DESU tokens include:

  • Monthly cashback rewards depending on your betting volume.
  • Participate in airdrop promotions.
  • Participating in lotteries.
  • Events and giveaways.
  • Donating using DESU tokens.
  • Chances to become a part of a new community owning a token with limited supply and many use cases.

100% Payouts

There have been cases of betting sites failing to pay players' winnings in the past. However, this is completely different when playing at the Dexsport betting site. The sportsbook relies on a liquidity pool to make instant payouts through blockchain. This aspect ensures Dexsport does not withhold players' winnings and guarantees the winner 100% of their rightful winnings.

Play-to-Earn Betting Format

Play-to-earn betting format enables players to earn from Bitcoin games. Dexsport allows them to play the variants using any other cryptocurrency besides DESU tokens. As a result, punters interact with each other while creating a new economic model at the same time. The best part is that any player, either beginner or experienced, can enjoy these games because they are easy to play.

A High Security and Community-Driven Decentralized Betting Protocol

As stated earlier, Dexsport allows players to interact on the platform. New punters join a community of other bettors where they engage in match discussion forums, peer-to-peer reviews, match predictions, and more.

More importantly, players don't have to worry about their online security when using Dexsport. The platform uses SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) to secure their information. Besides, you don't have to give your banking details when creating an account with Dexsport because it runs on BNB Chain.

Dexsport is Compatible with Multiple Devices

Dexsport decentralized sports betting is accessible in all major operating systems. It has invested in a user-friendly interface optimized to fit on devices running on iOS, Android, Windows OS, and macOS.

Peer-to-Peer Betting

According to the development roadmap of Dexsport, in the near future, it will allow players to bet against themselves or the house. When betting against other bettors, ensure you review their predictions to decide whether you want to accept or decline their bets. When betting against the house, you are making predictions depending on performance. Therefore, evaluating your performance record before placing a bet is important to boost your winning chances.

Lower Transaction Fees and Fair Bets

Dexsport is among a few betting platforms with the lowest transaction fees. The web 3 protocol charges extremely low commissions during deposits and withdrawals, thanks to its decentralized nature

Unlike conventional Bitcoin casinos, which take between 5% to 10%, decentralized platforms don”t charge deposits and withdrawal fees because they use smart contracts to make transactions between your wallet and the gambling site.

And the best part? Desxport relies on smart contracts and a liquidity pool to guarantee fast transactions where payments happen automatically. Smart contracts have also made web 3 platforms like Dexsport to become trustworthy spaces for bettors


Casinos host tournament games to attract more players. The tournaments come with various prizes and are offered at a specific time limit. Usually, casinos use video slot games for these tournaments where the last winners in a pool walk away with various prizes, including free spins or cash prizes, depending on the rules of the competition.

Why Dexsport Bonuses are Better than Other Crypto Casino Bonuses

The main reason Dexsport bonuses are better than other Bitcoin casino bonuses is that they offer more benefits. For instance, regular casino bonuses give you more game time and boost your winnings. In addition to these, Dexsport ensures your no-deposit bonus winnings are not taxed.

Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, you can withdraw more no-deposit bonus winnings than expected during bullish markets. Conversely, you can also lose money due to fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. To be on the safer side, players can bet using stablecoins since they are pegged to fiat money.

Furthermore, Dexsport charges extremely low fees when withdrawing your no-deposit bonus winnings. The best part is that your money is disbursed immediately after making a withdrawal.

Dexsport allows Players to Calculate their Profits

Unlike other cryptocurrency betting sites, Dexsport allows affiliate partners to calculate their own profits. The betting protocol offers a form where users fill in how much they want to earn, the required profit, and the commission percentage.

Dexsport Features a Unique Decentralized Affiliate Program

Unlike other gambling sites, Dexsport features a unique decentralized affiliate program that allows you to monetize your traffic to earn profits. This program requires you to focus on your workflow of bringing players into the platform while Dexsport does the rest to convert traffic into your monthly income.

Unique Tournaments

Dexsport also offers unique tournaments to its customers. These tournaments are offered on eSports and conventional sports betting. They include DESU contests, Dota 2 tournaments, and international prediction contests. For instance, the 2021 international prediction contest required players to choose a winner in order to win guaranteed allocation for the upcoming IDO of Dexsport.

Types of Bitcoin Casino Bonuses with No Deposit

No deposit casino bonuses come in many forms. The promotions are usually offered to new and existing customers. Since these promotions come with different wagering requirements, it's important to review them first to make an informed decision. This is because some casinos offer lucrative bonuses only to impose unreasonable terms and conditions. With that in mind, here are some of the most commonly offered bonuses by cryptocurrency casinos today:

1. Welcome Bonuses

Some Bitcoin casinos offer sign-up bonuses with no deposit. Usually, casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players after creating an account with that particular platform. The promotion can be offered as a cashback, free spins on a specific slot game, or a fixed amount of cryptocurrency. In most cases, players must meet the required playthrough requirements to be able to withdraw the no-deposit bonus winnings.

2. Regular Bonus

Besides Bitcoin casinos offering no deposit bonuses to new players, the platform also gives to existing customers. Unlike welcome bonuses, these promotions are given to loyal customers who visit the crypto casino regularly. The promotions may be offered every week, month, or weekend.

Most crypto casinos offer regular bonuses as a cashback, a percentage of the total deposit, fixed amounts in Bitcoin, free spins, etc. it is worth noting that these bonuses limit how much you can claim and win.

3. Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

Free spins are some of the most exciting promotions, especially for seasoned players looking to maximize their winnings. For instance, an online Bitcoin casino offering 30 no deposit free spins to new players gives them a chance to boost their winnings 30 times while enjoying the thrill of brick-and-mortar casino games in the comfort of your home.

Free spins are usually offered when a Bitcoin casino is launching a new slot game, welcoming new players, or as an appreciation token for existing customers. For instance, some Bitcoin casinos give free spins no deposit bonuses to loyal customers who invite friends to the platform. Similarly, free spins help in boosting players' winnings and enhance slot enthusiasts' gaming experience.

4. Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses refer to money a gambling platform refunds after a player loses a wager. The promotion can be aimed at attracting new patrons or rewarding loyal customers. In most cases, a Bitcoin casino offers cashback as a percentage of the money spent on the platform.

Most casinos offer existing player cashback bonuses on a weekly or monthly basis. The Bitcoin casino may offer new players cashback bonuses after the first, second, and third deposit, depending on the platform they are playing at.

5. Referral Bonus

Bitcoin online casinos offer referral bonuses to existing players who invite new patrons to that particular platform. The no-deposit bonus may come in the form of free spins or wagering funds.

Some casinos provide no deposit bonus codes to help the referred individual to claim the promotion. Usually, crypto casinos require the referred person to make a minimum deposit and place their wagers. This allows the person distributing the Bitcoin casino bonus codes to receive their reward in the form of free spins or a percentage of the friend”s deposit.

6. VIP Program

Some casinos use no deposit bonuses to reward their most valuable and loyal customers in their VIP programs. Customers in a VIP program enjoy more perks than regular players. Some of the most common benefits of joining a VIP program include free spins, weekend bonuses, weekly promotions, gifts, and fully paid trips. Depending on the platform, you can become a VIP member after joining the Bitcoin casino or if the gaming operator considers you a high roller player.

Rules to Follow to Withdraw a No Deposit Bonus at Crypto Casinos

Most casinos set their own terms and conditions when claiming bonuses and promotions. This includes wagering requirements, casino bonus limits, restricted countries, the games to play with the casino bonus money and more. Failure to meet these requirements can lead to the casino denying you the casino bonus winnings or banning your Bitcoin gambling account.

Complete the Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are also known as playthrough or rollover requirements. They refer to the number of times you must risk the casino bonus money before withdrawing its winnings. For instance, a casino bonus of $50 with 15X wager requirements means you must spend $750 playing the designated games before withdrawing the online gambling bonus winnings. As such, it's always important to check the casino's playthrough requirements before claiming the casino bonus because some bonuses come with very high demands.

It's worth noting that Bitcoin casino bonuses may have a limit on how much you can win on either free spins or free money.

Make Sure You Are Not a Citizen of a Restricted Country

A casino may be restricted from operating in certain countries for specific reasons. Moreover, some gaming developers don't accept players from specific countries. Therefore, when looking for a casino with a valid license, huge gaming portfolio, excellent bonuses, and reliable customer support, ensure the platform accepts players from your location before creating an online casino account and depositing your wagering funds. This is because some casinos lock the winnings or the deposited funds of players in restricted regions. Finally, ensure the banking method you use is not restricted to your location.

Complete Your Verification Process

Not all Bitcoin casinos allow players to register accounts anonymously. Some require you to meet all KYC registration processes by providing the required information. The data may include your email, location, zip code, phone number, last 3 digits of your bank account number and more. Failure to provide the required details can lead to the ban of your account.

However, you can avoid giving your information during registration, deposit, or withdrawal processes by playing at a no-verification casino such as Dexsport, which is safer.

Make Sure Your Account Will Not Be Banned

It's always important to read a casino's terms and conditions before creating a casino account or when claiming the bonus money. As stated earlier, breaking the set rules may lead to the ban of your account. Here are some of the reasons your account might be banned when gambling online:

  • Surpassing the login attempts: The casinos that require you to go through the KYC process have a set number of times you can attempt to login into your account. This works as a safety feature to keep off hackers trying to access your account. Usually, casinos allow a maximum of 3 login attempts, after which they block your account.

Luckily, players can contact the customer support team if they forget their login details to get their gambling accounts unlocked. However, if the account starts giving you login attempt notifications without your interference indicates that someone else is trying to access it, and you need to secure it by activating the two-factor authentication system.

  • Underage Gambling: There are many gambling regulatory bodies across the globe to curb underage gambling and other vices in the gaming industry. These bodies are usually independent and impose strict rules, including banning accounts of underage bettors. Usually, casinos discover your age during the verification process and block your account to comply with the set rules and regulations.
  • Duplicate account: Most Bitcoin casinos allow one account per player. Unfortunately, some genuine players who forget their details and create new accounts may see their accounts being blocked.

Online casinos are able to track down duplicate accounts using IP addresses regardless of whether the owner is using a different username or account details. Therefore, it's advisable to contact the customer support team if you forget your login details to avoid being banned.

  • Bonus Violations: Some players create multiple accounts to claim more than one welcome bonus, which may lead to the casino banning their accounts permanently. However, people from the same family can claim welcome bonuses provided they use different accounts.
  • Suspicious activities: Online casino operators understand that players might use cheating software or gambling bots to take advantage of their games. This includes fixing betting amounts or placing maximum bets on slots during specific times. For that reason, online casino operators rely on machine learning and AI systems to track down such bots and lock the players” accounts.
  • Unusual banking transactions: Since money laundering is a major concern in the gaming industry, most conventional casinos limit the amount a player can deposit or withdraw from their gambling account. For instance, casinos operating in the US are required to report transactions exceeding $5000. However, high rollers can play at anonymous casinos to avoid disappointments.

Pros and Cons of No Deposit Bonuses at Bitcoin Casinos

Just like any other innovative technology out there, Bitcoin casinos offering bonuses have their benefits and drawbacks. Let's start with the benefits.

Benefits of No Deposit Bonuses at Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos try to outshine each by offering their players different types of no-deposit bonuses. The no deposit bonuses attract new players and motivate the existing ones to continue playing at these casinos. The winnings of such promotions can be awarded on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the casino you are playing at. For instance, Dexsport offers monthly cash back, loyalty bonuses, VIP access to Live matches, and loyalty bonuses.

1. No Deposit Bonuses Allow You to Play Real Money Games Without Risking Your Bankroll

The main reason why most players prefer no deposit bonuses is that they can win real money without funding their gambling accounts. Of course, this can only happen if you are familiar with the game you are playing and have fulfilled the required terms and conditions.

2. No Deposit Bonuses Allow Players to Try Out Various Casino Games for Free

Players can use these bonuses to familiarize themselves with online casino games. Moreover, they can use them to test various casinos in terms of gaming experience, terms and conditions, and the casino”s reliability in general.

3. They Increase Your Gaming Time

Another reason these promotions are popular is that they give casino enthusiasts more playing time. This allows players to enjoy their favorite casino games while boosting their winning chances.

4. Some Bonuses Offer Huge Outcomes

Some casinos provide lucrative no deposit bonuses on some of the most popular slot games. As a result, players familiar with such games have a higher chance of boosting their bankroll. For instance, you can find a casino offering an appealing deposit bonus on your favorite slot game that has a higher RTP (Return To Player percentage). Some of the games known to offer the highest RTP include Ugga Bugga (99.07%), Mega Joker (99%), Jackpot 6000(98.8%), and Blood Suckers (98%).

Cons of Crypto Casino No Deposit Bonuses

1. Wagering Requirements

Most online casinos impose wagering requirements on almost every Bitcoin casino welcome bonus they offer. However, some platforms have better terms and conditions than others, the reason it's important to check them before claiming any bonus or a bonus code.

2. Cash Withdrawal Limit

Withdrawal limits are a common disappointment, especially when playing at traditional online casinos without crypto payment options. To avoid such hurdles, choose an anonymous Bitcoin casino like Dexsport since most of them accommodate unlimited deposits for their high-roller customers. Also, ensure you read the casino's terms and conditions to avoid last time disappointments.

3. Time Limits

Some online casinos offer bonuses with an expiry date. That means players who have not logged into their accounts during the designated period will miss out on such promotions.

Other Exclusive Bonus Rules

Most online casinos require players to claim one bonus at a time. For instance, if the casino is offering free spins and a cashback bonus, you can only take the promotion that suits you but not both. Claiming both bonuses can lead to disqualification.

In addition, some crypto casinos require you to use specific payment methods when claiming their bonuses. Some of the most commonly used payment methods to offer bonuses include PayPal, Mastercard, and Visa.

Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus Withdrawals

After claiming a no deposit bonus, ensure you meet all the wagering requirements to be able to withdraw the winnings. Once the bonus is ready to withdraw, follow these simple instructions to receive your money within minutes:

  1. Acquire a Bitcoin wallet if you don't have one or create an account with a reliable Bitcoin exchange.
  2. Go to the cashier page of the casino you are wagering at and select your preferred coin for withdrawal.
  3. Copy the coin's address and paste it into the withdrawal box on the casino's website.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and complete the withdrawal process.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin casinos that allow you to play anonymously come with unique benefits, the reason every gambling enthusiast should try them out. For instance, platforms like Dexsport offer provably fair games, fast transactions, smart contracts betting, P2P betting, unique bonuses, liquidity pool, open source code, and a play-to-earn betting model. You cannot find these advantages in traditional Bitcoin casinos in the market.

On the other hand, Bitcoin casinos no deposit bonuses are available for all players, both new and existing ones. These promotions come in many forms to boost the players' winnings. However, the bonuses require you to fulfill different wagering requirements depending on the casino.

Therefore it's important to read the bonus terms and conditions to avoid disappointment after realizing the bonus winnings are hard to claim. Also, ensure you play responsibly and stake the amount you can comfortably lose to avoid incurring unnecessary losses.


Bitcoin casino no deposit bonuses are promotions offered by crypto gambling platforms without the player depositing their wagering funds. They can be offered as a welcome package to a new customer after creating a gambling account or to an existing customer on a weekly or monthly basis.

Usually, no deposit promotions come in the form of free spins, reload bonuses, cashback rewards, and more. Note that players must meet the set wagering requirements before they are eligible to withdraw the bonus points.

Some of the most common types of no deposit bonuses include:

  • Sign up bonuses;
  • Regular reload bonuses;
  • Free spins;
  • Cashback bonuses;
  • High roller rewards;
  • VIP promotions;
  • Referral bonuses.
  • A no deposit bonus allows you to win real money without risking your funds.
  • It gives the player a chance to familiarize themselves with casino games.
  • They give you a chance to try out many casino games without money.
  • You must fulfill the set wagering requirements before withdrawing the bonus winnings.
  • Some casinos limit the amount you can withdraw after a win.
  • Most casinos restrict no deposit bonuses to specific games.
  • Some bonuses have a time limit.

Most online casinos impose strict rules for their no deposit bonuses because you can win real money without risking your funds. The casino may deny you the bonus winnings or ban your accounts if you don't adhere to these rules. With that said, here are the rules to follow to withdraw your no deposit bonus:

  • Complete the wagering requirements.
  • Ensure you are not in a restricted location.
  • Complete the verification process.
  • Do not claim more than one bonus at a time.
  • Do not exceed the set login attempts.
  • Avoid creating a duplicate account to claim the bonus more than once.
  • Do not violate bonus terms and conditions.

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