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Bitcoin Dice

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Bitcoin dice games are online versions of our popular dice games that we have played since childhood. As technology advances, we can see innovations in our traditional forms of gaming. Dice games are pretty exciting with an element of surprise. Now, combine that excitement with betting using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

There is no way anyone can underestimate the popularity of dice games. That's the real reason why Bitcoin dice games are so much in demand right now. A Bitcoin dice site allows you to enjoy the modern version of dice games on your computer, where you can bet amount on the outcomes and win real money (Fiat currencies). Let's dive right into it.

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Playing Bitcoin Dice Games Vs. Betting on Dexsport

If you are a fan of playing betting games such as Btc dice games, you need to know about what Dexsport has to offer. Dexsport is another name for innovation when it comes to the online gambling industry. If you are considering signing up on the platform to try online betting, here's why Dexsport can be a perfect choice for you.

Safe and Secure Platform

If you play dice games on a random gambling platform, it can be fun, but have you considered their security loopholes? Dexsport is known for its powerful decentralized structure. It assures that the chances of hacking the platform or stealing your extra funds are close to zero. If you cannot find a secure crypto casino platform, Dexsport is the right choice.

Exciting Esport Games

Bitcoin dice games are sought after due to the suspense and excitement involved. However, Dexsport offers an enhanced version of that entertainment in the form of Esport games. These games take the thrill of gambling to a whole new level. It's time to upgrade your gambling experience, and the best way to do so is to try Dexsport.

Live Betting With Real People

Even the best Bitcoin dice game would not be fun if you didn't have other people playing with you. Dexsport has kept this in mind and introduced live betting on the platform. It allows you to participate in real-time betting for a more realistic experience which is even better than live casino games. If you think you will miss out if you don't play Bitcoin dice games, trust us, Dexsport offers more than you would expect.

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Types of Bitcoin Dice Games

Dice games typically involve playing with and rolling dice. There are a lot of game varieties that can be played using dice. Each game has a different set of rules, board structure and gameplay. Let's see what type of Bitcoin dice games are available out there.


Qwixx is a game that allows 2 to 5 players above the age of 8. You will be given 6 dice and a score sheet with 4 rows with numbers and a lock at the end of each row. To begin with, the active player starts by throwing their 6 dice. They add the outcomes on the two white dice and announce the sum amount.

At this point, anyone interested can cross the sum number on their score sheet. A penalty is issued if the active player does not cross any number in the round. The winner is the one who scores the most after adding the crossed numbers and subtracting the penalties, if any.


Yahtzee is a multiplayer game for players over the age of 8 years. Before starting, you will be given a score sheet with 13 rows (which means 13 rounds). You will have to note your score in the appropriate column. The player rolls all 5 dice. In a round, you can only roll dice up to 3 times. You get scored based on combinations of your outcomes.

For example, you get 50 points if all 5 dice are the same number, and it's Yahtzee! Zero is given if you don't get any combination in a particular round. The one whose scores gets big wins.


Sagrada is an unique and colorful game. It has 10 rounds, and only 2-4 players can play the game. The goal is to get points higher than opponents. All you have to do is design beautiful glass windows, keeping the restrictions and rules in mind.

The total number of dice is double the number of players plus one. Also, you will get 3 public goals and 3 tools. You play a total of 10 rounds and note the scores on the score sheet. After 10 rounds, scores are added. If you leave empty slots, you'll lose scores.

Liar's Dice

Liar's Dice is a game of 2 to 5 players. Each player gets 5 dice. Player1 starts the game by rolling all the dice without disclosing the results. Now, the betting begins. For example, a player bids that there are 2 fours in the opponents' dice. This means that there should be at least 2 fours.

The opponents can either challenge the bid or increase it. Everyone has to reveal the dice numbers if someone challenges. Otherwise, bidding continues. On revelation, the result is declared. One wrong bid means one die is lost. Players lose when all 5 dice are lost. The winner is the one with the dice.


Farkle is a dice game of 2 or more players. The goal is to reach 10,000 points before the opponent/s. You are given 6 dice, and all are to be rolled at once. There are some values given to certain combinations or die numbers.

For example, 5 on a die means 50 points, and 1 means 100 points. Three same numbers mean 100 times the number (three 5s means 500), except 1 (three 1s means 300 points). There are dice combinations valued up to 3000. So, it is a competitive, exciting and quick game. If someone gets no combination, previous scores are also zeroed—Farkle!

Las Vegas

This one is a game of 2 to 5 players with 4 rounds. You get 6 casino cards (with each dice number), money cards and 40 dice. Every player gets 8 dice, and money is randomly kept at each casino, making sure the amount is at least $50,000.

To begin with, the player throws all 8 dice and chooses one number from the outcomes. They then strategically place all dice with the same numbers in the casino card of that number. Then, the subsequent player repeats.No one gets the point in case of a tie. The winner is the one with the most money.


Tenzi is a game for 2 or more players of 5 years and above. It is a very simple and quick game and has been the children's favorite game. Let's suppose 2 players are playing. Each player gets 10 dice. Both the players throw all the 10 dice at the same time when one of the players says 'start'.

On the roll, the players select a number each and keep aside all the outcomes of that number after every roll. Once the player gets all the 10 dice of the selected number, it's Tenzi!


Bunco is one of the best games for get-together parties. There is no restriction on the number of players unless a factor of 4. Four people sit around each table, and the two facing each other are teammates.

There are 6 rounds; round 1 gives 1 score, and 6 gives 6 scores. Teams and tables are switched after every round. Certain values are given to possible combinations based on which the scores are given. One of them is when the number on all 3 dice is the same and corresponds to the round number, and you get 21 points. The winner is the one with the most points.

Ship, Captain, Crew

In this game, you require 5 dice for each player. You can't have a captain without a ship and crew before a captain. When you get 6, 5 or 4, it is a ship, captain and cargo, respectively.

When you roll the 5 dice, you have to set aside 6,5 or 4 in a sequential manner. You will get 3 chances in a round. You get a zero if you fail to get three of them plus the cargo (which is the leftover dice numbers). The winner is the one who completes the sequence and scores the highest number for cargo.

Shut the Box

Shut the box is a game of 2 to 4 players. There are 2 dice, and you get 5 chances. When you roll the dice, add the outcomes and lower the tiles of the number itself or two numbers equivalent to the outcome.

For example, if you get a sum of 9 (4,5) in dice, you can either lower the number 9 or put two tiles of numbers 2 and 7. If a player lowers all tiles in 5 rolls, no score is given—Shut the box! Points are calculated as a sum of numbers that are not lowered. If the player gets more than 45 points, they are eliminated—the one who survives wins.

Different Strategies To Play Bitcoin Dice Games

Most Bitcoin dice games are easy to play if you know all the rules. The simple concept of each dice game makes it easier for casino players to adapt to the game. However, the simplicity of these games does not ensure a win. You need to rely on your luck and use the right strategy to win big while gambling on crypto dice games. Let's look at some of these strategies.

Martingale Strategy

Martingale Strategy is a risky yet exciting Bitcoin dice strategy. According to this strategy, you must double your bet every time you lose. This means that if you play a dice Bitcoin game round and lose it, you will simply double your wager. Upon doubling it, you will manage to recover the lost amount once you win. Many players consider it to be the best Bitcoin dice strategy

This Strategy seems smart as it makes you double your wager every time you lose. However, if you lose consecutively, the strategy can backfire. It is improbable to lose continuously, but you should play responsibly in order to protect your Bitcoin cash prizes. Do not forget to take note of the table limits, the length of the gaming session and the amount of money you can afford to risk.

D' Alembert Strategy

If you don't like risk and want to play it safe, D' Alembert Strategy is the right choice. It can be considered a safer version of the Martingale strategy. Here, you increase or decrease your betting amount by the value of your original bet instead of doubling the betting value.

Simply put, if you bet with $1 and lose the bet, you will increase the betting amount by $1 (which was the original bet). Let's say you then bet again. This time, you will again increase it by $1. On the other hand, if you have $4 and you win the bet, you will be decreasing your following betting amount by $1, making it $3. Similarly, you will decrease it by $1 again once you win.

Paroli Strategy

Paroli strategy is an excellent strategy to help you bet with discipline. As per the Strategy, you must rest your betting under two conditions:

  • If you lose a bet.
  • If you win three consecutive bets.

It is a great strategy for beginners looking to stick to the game for longer. It reduces your losses by resetting your betting amount, thus minimizing the loss. On the other hand, it protects your winning amount by resetting it and preventing you from risking the amount you just won.

Paroli strategy controls your greed and helps you stay in the game for a long time. Beginners who play aggressively without risk management must adopt the paroli strategy.

1-3-2-6 Strategy

The 1-3-2-6 Strategy is effective and smart. It can be considered as an upgraded version of the Martingale strategy too. Here, you start the hand with a certain amount. Once you win the game, you multiply the original bet with the number "3". If you win again, you will multiply the original bet with the number "2". If you win again for the third time, you will multiply the original bet with the number "6".

You should immediately reset the betting amount to its original value if you lose at any point. 1-3-2-6 Strategy helps you maximize your winning amount and reduce the loss. Resetting your bet back to the original value after you lose will help you protect your funds from consecutive losses.

Inverse Martingale

Inverse Martingale strategy is somewhat the opposite of what we do in the Martingale strategy. Here you do not double your betting amount after every loss; instead, you reset the betting amount to its original value. On the other hand, when you win a bet, you will immediately double your betting amount.

Most online Bitcoin dice fans favour the Inverse Martingale strategy, producing better winning chances. It increases your bet after winning, which means you only risked the amount you had won earlier. Similarly, resetting the betting amount after every bet protects against excessive loss of funds.

Hybrid Dice Strategy

Hybrid Dice Strategy, as the name suggests, combines two or more strategies in your dice game. It allows you to play more flexibly without hard and fast rules. Hybrid Dice Strategy helps you change your gaming strategy instantly, depending on your situation.

For example, if you follow the Martingale strategy, you will double your bet every time you lose. However, if you are losing consecutively, you are at a disadvantage. In scenarios like this, the Hybrid Dice Strategy will let you change the strategy and your thinking pattern to try something new and break the losing streak. Needless to say, you must not change your strategy when you are on a winning streak.

Break-Even Martingale Strategy

Break-Even Martingale Strategy is a safer version of the Martingale Strategy for those who want to take lower risks. This Strategy is similar to the Martingale strategy, except that you don't double your bet every time you lose. Instead, you double your bet only when you lose twice consecutively.

For example, if you start betting with $2 and lose two rounds consecutively, you will increase your bet to $4. If you win the next round, you can recover all your losses. As evident, this strategy reduces the risk and the amount of money you might lose. It helps you sustain the game for much longer than the Martingale strategy.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin dice sites can provide enjoyable games due to their element of surprise when playing in a betting environment. You need luck as well as skills to win these games. Similarly, Dexsport has tried to enhance the betting experience through their decentralized betting platform. Whether you like bitcoin dice, sports betting, or some other games, Dexsport is going to take your gambling experience to the next level.

Bitcoin Dice FAQs

Now that you have a good idea about provably fair gambling and how provably fair dice games are played, the game options and gambling platforms, it's time that we answer a few more commonly asked questions.

A Bitcoin dice game is a digital form of our classic games which allows you to actively bet and stake Bitcoin while participating in the game. The game maintains the principle of using dice to play the game. It also follows the rules and guidelines of our traditional dice games. The only difference is that you are playing the game on your computer and using Bitcoin as the virtual currency to place bets

There are numerous types of dice games available on Bitcoin casinos. Most of these games have been derived from traditional dice games. Some of these games are as follows:

  • Bunco
  • Tenzi
  • Yahtzee
  • Sagrada
  • Liar's Dice
  • Las Vegas
  • Farkle

Each type of game has its own set of rules and gameplay. There are betting strategies that apply to all of these games. However, you should choose a game which is the most comfortable one for you, thus increasing your win chance. Alternatively, you can play the practice version of the games to get better at them.

There are multiple strategies out there for playing dice games. These strategies have a different set of rules and gameplay. Some of these strategies include:

  • Martingale strategy
  • Inverse Martingale strategy
  • Paroli Strategy
  • 1-3-2-6 Strategy
  • Break-Even Martingale Strategy
  • Hybrid Dice Strategy

Each of these strategies has its pros and cons. It depends on the individual and the situation to use a particular strategy to get a winning advantage.

Bitcoin dice is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games. The simple concept of dice rolls in dice games and the thrilling gameplay make them a good choice for gambling platforms. Additional features like free Bitcoin, free crypto, progressive jackpot game, deposit bonuses, low minimum bet amount and automated betting attract many gamblers. However, the gambling industry is progressing towards innovation. Dexsport is emerging as a symbol of this innovation.

Most gamblers prefer decentralized betting platforms like Dexsport due to its enhanced betting experience. Dexsport is way better than other casino platforms in terms of user experience and ease of betting. Sports bettors have already adopted Dexsport as their number one betting platform.

Dexsport is a better option for gamblers, primarily because it addresses many problems an online casino faces. These include KYC, faster bitcoin deposits, smooth transactions, poor welcome bonus, taxes and charges, scams, tough wagering requirements, currency exchange taxes and theft. By addressing each of these issues, Dexsport has proven itself to be far superior to its competitors and other online casinos.

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