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It does not matter if you accidentally stumbled upon bitcoin poker or were actively looking for it. Bitcoin poker is the latest addition to online betting and is here to stay. Keep reading to learn more about bitcoin poker, its types and how you can win almost every hand you're dealt!

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What Is Bitcoin Poker?

You must know the conventional online casinos and offline forms to play poker. Bitcoin poker is the latest addition. Now you can play bitcoin poker on an online poker site of your preference and enjoy a fantastic gambling experience while making money! On online poker sites, you play with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Tether, CoinPoker etc., instead of conventional fiat money.

Bitcoin poker is still very new and not as widespread as the conventional styles. The basic rules of playing poker remain the same, with variations in different bitcoin poker types. You can enjoy your gambling session and make money in cryptocurrency if you win. Online poker tournaments, cash games and multi-table tournaments are regularly held on various betting sites. Now it's your turn to find the best bitcoin poker site and enjoy!

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Playing Bitcoin Poker Vs. Sports Betting With Dexsport

You must be wondering why Dexsport is different? Even though many traditional bitcoin bookies are present, there is an urgent need for decentralized sports betting platforms. This is necessary to make the betting platforms community-facing.

Dexsport is a modern-decentralized sports betting platform that ensures that the gambling community is free of the troubles that many casino platforms have right now. Here are some of the features of your favorite online platform Dexsport that make it exceptional:

Restriction Free

Dexsport is a blockchain-driven platform that is based on Web3 technology. Players have total control over their assets and bets. They do not need a separate bookmaker to place and enjoy the betting experience. Dexsport might even let you play blockchain poker in the near future.

Bet In Any Country

Most traditional crypto-world betting sites are governed by strict laws and block countries that do not belong to their territory. On the other hand, decentralized betting platforms are free from restrictions and can be enjoyed in any country. Hence, you do not need to be residing in any particular company to enjoy online betting anymore.

Fair Bets

Finding a trustworthy online bitcoin poker site is a problem most gamblers face. Trusting a new platform with your hard-earned money can be difficult. The fear of losing your money will always be greater than the desire to play. Sometimes, transactions can go wrong, and you may never receive the money you won or even lose what you bet! Problems like these never occur on Web 3.0 platforms, and proper scanning and procedures are put in place to ensure and prevent the users from being scammed.

Fast Transactions

Blockchain technologies in decentralized gambling sites ensure that bitcoin transactions are highly secure and fast. With instant deposits and withdrawals, you can complete crypto transactions in a matter of a few seconds because of the Web3 platform. You control your money, and your transactions are anonymous. Hence, you don't have to worry about misusing your private information like bank account details.

Tax-Free Betting

The most notable feature of Web3 platforms is that you don't need to pay any taxes on your bitcoin poker winnings in most countries. Some betting sites even have taxes on payments, but you don't have to worry about this when it comes to Dexsport. This saves a lot of funds on your part which means you can enjoy an enhanced betting experience and win even bigger rewards.

Minimal Fees

Traditional betting sites are known to have very high betting fees. To escape this, poker players tend to prefer decentralized betting sites like Dexsport for betting. Dexsport has minimal betting fees, which are around 1% as compared to 5% on traditional betting sites. Withdrawing money is also very easy on Dexsport. Just click 'withdraw the funds' when you wish to. All your funds will immediately be transferred to your bitcoin wallet address without any fee deduction.

Types Of Bitcoin Poker

Are you looking for an alternative or substitute casino games for standard bitcoin poker? You'd be surprised to know that in the bitcoin poker industry, there are different bitcoin poker variants you can pick and play from, like boost poker, zone poker, zoom poker, black chip poker etc. These poker game types vary in playing style, length, and complexity. Here are 5 different forms of BTC poker you can play and enjoy!

Five-card draw

Five-card draw is a very straightforward version of poker. To win, you need to make the best hand of five cards. At the start of the game, everyone is dealt with five cards, and all the players bet. After placing your bet, you can exchange up to three cards before moving to the next betting round. The player with the best hand wins. The game seems very simple to play.

One trick to win is to pay attention to each player and the number of cards they pick. According to the numbers of the cards, you can get a clear idea of how strong their hands might be. You must be cautious that players might be purposefully exchanging cards to bluff!

High Low Chicago

High Low Chicago is a game similar to a Five-card draw. All you need to do to win is have the highest hand. Sometimes, there might be two winners. They split the pot between themselves. The half pot goes to the player with the highest or lowest spade in the facedown cards (hole). The best after the winner gets the other half of the pot.

In some exceptional cases, when a player has the highest spade in the hole and the best hand, that player is declared the winner. The game starts with each player having a card face up. The person with the lowest face-up card places a bring-in-bet. Bets are placed, and players can choose to call, raise or fold.

Texas Hold 'em

Bitcoin Texas hold'em poker is perfect for you if you are thinking about playing bitcoin poker and do not know where to start! It is a highly popular and the go-to game for many old and new players. The game unfolds in the following stages:

  1. Two 'hole' cards are given to every player face down in the Preflop stage.
  2. Three community cards are dealt face up in the flop stage.
  3. A fourth community card is dealt with in the turn stage.
  4. In the river stage, a fifth community card is dealt.

After each stage, bets are placed, and the players can call, raise or fold after checking their cards. The game's motive is to win by making the best hand of five cards out of the seven dealt. When two or more players remain, a showdown occurs where the remaining players reveal their cards. The player with the best set of cards wins. In some cases, everyone except one player will fold, and the player wins the pot


Omaha is Texas Hold 'em, but with a twist. Omaha and Texas Hold 'em differ in one aspect. That is, you will receive four' hole cards in Omaha, unlike Texas Hold 'em, where you receive two. The other different rule in Omaha is that players are only allowed to use two cards from their hand with three community cards. The game is played right to the end by everyone. The betting in Omaha is similar to Texas Hold 'em. With five community cards and flop, turn, and river stages, the player with the best set of cards at the showdown wins.

Seven-card stud

Seven-card stud is another classic game that dominated the bitcoin poker scene before Texas Hold 'em. Seven-card stud is slightly different from its rival and requires a more advanced skill set. Two-eight players can play this game. The rules of the game are simple.

You start with two hole cards that face down and a third door card that faces up. Each player has seven cards, including three face down cards and four face up cards. The person who has the best five-card hand wins. The opponents are required to show some of their cards. Everyone reveals their hand only after the last round of betting.

Best Strategies To Play Poker With Bitcoin

Are you looking for sure-shot ways to win every hand that is dealt to you? Experts use multiple strategies to maximise their winning chances. They often have multiple strategies up their sleeves to become victorious in every game. Even though poker is essentially a game of chance, here are some strategies you can employ to increase your chances of winning:

Play lesser but stronger hands

You need to develop a robust preflop strategy if you wish to improve your bottom line. Playing fewer hands but playing them strongly is the best advice you can get. You can bluff or hide your actual strength if you play aggressively. Getting impatient eventually leads to playing a hand you may have been hesitant about. You need to be in check of your emotions and play confidently.

Never limp first

If you are the first player entering a pot, you cannot limp at any cost. Limping is when a player calls the big blind preflop. There are two reasons why limping is not advised:

If you raise, you can easily win the pot if the game goes your way but winning the pot before the flop is impossible. The other reason it is advised not to limp is that the players behind you will get lured in, and this will cause you to face multiple opponents. Facing multiple opponents will highly reduce your chances of winning.

Use your draws to semi-bluff aggressively

Knowing how to bluff effectively is a common trait in skilled poker lovers. As a new player, you might not yet have the understanding to bluff correctly. Any loopholes in your strategy and playing style can lead you to lose much of your money. It is advised not to blindly bluff.

You need to study your cards and decide accordingly if bluffing is an option or not. Bluffing is advised in hands that show outs to convert to the best hand. This may occur on a later street as straight or flush draws. It can also happen by just one or two overcards to the board. These draws can be used as backup cards if your bluff is caught.

These hands are known as semi-bluffs because they serve more than just in the bluff. When you are just starting, do not bluff before the river.

Knowing When To Fold

A pro player can be spotted in a group of beginners by the way he lays down a fantastic hand like a top pair when he knows that he's beaten. This fairly simple-sounding technique is very hard to master and requires a lot of practice. The ability to control your urges and accept the situation is not something that you'll find in amateurs. Folding means surrendering the pot and not getting to know our opponents' cards.

The other very simple sounding but familiar way to lose when you play online poker is to call too often after ineffective bluffs. It is advised to fold if you're unsure whether you should call or fold. Studying the game and the moves is very important if you wish to improve at poker and win a poker tournament. Please pay attention to when you or someone else calls or folds and what makes them take that decision. Studying the game is the fastest way to improve and ensure more victories.

Only Play If You Feel Like It

How you feel when you're playing is a major deciding factor when playing online poker. You cannot force a victory if you do not feel like playing. You need to be fully present in the experience to think ahead and make intelligent decisions regarding winning the game. If you feel tired, frustrated or angry, it would be best to quit the session at that point.

If you continue to play in that mood without clearing your head, it is more than likely that you'll keep losing bitcoin poker games and lose a lot of your money. You can always come back and play when you feel like it. It's way better than losing all you have.

One good strategy to be sure about your mood is to imagine yourself in a situation where you lose all your money in the first round. If you don't get irritated or feel pressured by that thought, you can go ahead and enjoy the game. Any sign of frustration at that mere thought might indicate that you are not ready to play yet!

The best strategy at that point would be to give yourself a break and not play at that time. You can always come back later to enjoy the game. Being in a good mood before you start playing is crucial to winning. If you control your emotions and are mentally present in that moment and happy, you can enjoy the experience without making impulsive decisions!

Only Play In Good Games

You can only be guaranteed to win at poker tables if you are the best player. So picking poker games with opponents weaker than you is the only way to ensure a win almost every time. It would be best to put yourself in situations where your chances of winning are the largest. Keeping your ego in check is crucial when winning at poker and making intelligent decisions. These are some indications to know if you're in a good poker game or not:

  1. One or more players keep limping
  2. Several multiway pots
  3. Re-raises are at the extreme ends, very frequently or very rarely.

If the game you are in has two or more of the above indications, you are in the right spot to win big. You should take your cue and find a different table if none of these indications are present.

Table statistics are a great way to increase your winning chances by a considerable margin. Most online crypto poker sites provide table statistics. Use the statistics to pick a table with a high pot size and numerous players seeing a flop. Using statistics to your benefit will help you pick the right table for you and thus help you make a lot of money.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what bitcoin online poker is and what strategies you need to test while playing poker on the internet. All you need to do is play, study the game and get better! Poker is a relatively simple game; the wiser you are with it, the higher your chances of winning! Best bitcoin poker sites are gaining popularity at a breakneck pace and provide you with a fantastic gambling experience and opportunities to win on a crypto poker site. Use these strategies when you play and watch how your wins become more frequent and bigger!

A bitcoin online poker room is the best place to find poker games where you can easily win. Bitcoin poker rooms attract a lot of new users, and your chances of winning increase manifolds. You can buy coins, transfer them to your wallet, and deposit them in popular online poker rooms, casinos, and other services that accept cryptocurrency. Many websites offer a deposit bonus and free bitcoin boost when you register for the first time. Don't forget to claim your reward inside a Bitcoin poker room and enjoy!

Bitcoin Poker FAQs

Since you have read the full article, you are now prepared to take on the world of Bitcoin poker and sports betting on Dexsport. In case you further have any doubts, here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to Bitcoin online poker:

Bitcoin poker is a type of online poker where sites use and accept bitcoin to deposit, withdraw and play poker online instead of conventional fiat currency. Poker players deposit and play using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and withdraw their earnings. It is a relatively newer form of online gambling and is gaining popularity extremely fast.

There are plenty of different types of Bitcoin poker types available. You can pick and choose any according to your liking. These types differ in some rules and the game's structure but primarily have the same basic rules. Here are some of the best bitcoin poker you can play online: Five-card draw, Omaha, High Low Chicago, Seven-card stud, and Texas Hold 'em.

There isn't a particular strategy guaranteeing you win every poker game. However, here are some strategies that will surely increase your winning chances if you apply them correctly.

  1. Play lesser but stronger hands
  2. Never limp first
  3. Use your draws to semi-bluff aggressively
  4. Use your strong hands to your advantage
  5. Use the right hands to defend your Big Blind
  6. Knowing the right time to fold.
  7. Look for moments of weakness in your opponents
  8. Play only if you're sure
  9. Pick the good games to play

If you are not interested in poker or wish to try alternatives to crypto poker sites to play and make money, bitcoin dice might be what you need. It is a top-rated cryptocurrency gambling game. The game is simple; you must only bet and roll the dice by clicking the roll button. This game is pretty straightforward but becomes very interesting as it progresses. The other alternative to bitcoin poker is crypto sports wagering. You can bet cryptocurrency on sports events and leagues on Dexsport and enjoy the gambling experience while you will and make more money.

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