Faucet Testnet

Follow the simple instructions to get 1000 DBUSD  and try your luck in betting

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How to set up MetaMask

1. Open or install your MetaMask wallet MetaMask Download

Click on if you have not previously added the BSC testnet information.

Select and enter in the BSC testnet details as follows:

Then press Connect BSC Testnet to your wallet.

3. Connect your wallet to Dexsport Faucet Testnet

4. Go to the Dexsport Platform and make your first bet!

About the Testnet–°ontest


How to participate?

  • 1. Open or install your MetaMask wallet video tutorial
  • 2. Connect your wallet
  • 3. Add Binance Smart Chain Testnet and claim 1,000 DBUSD
  • 4. Start making nice bets which will drive you into TOP-300 best players

What is the duration of the Contest?

The time of the contest is from October 13 to 31. At the end of the contest, we will need time to count the results and announce the winners on our channel.

What are the rewards?

For our Testnet Contest we reserved 50k$ worth of Public IDO spots.

TOP-100 will be eligible to buy 300$ worth of $DESU during our Public IDO.

TOP-101-300 will be eligible to buy 100$ worth of $DESU during our Public IDO.

Are there any restrictions?

You can only participate with 1,000 DBUSD received from the faucet. Transfer of DBUSD from any wallet to another wallet is restricted. We will be manually checking all the leaderboard after finish of the Contest. Any kind of cheating will lead to disqualification. Be honest, play with passion and you will have fun!


In order to make the contest fair only wallets that requested test BUSD from faucet after the start of the event (13 October 11 a.m. UTC) will be eligible to take part in the event. In case you have already made a request from faucet before, simply create new Metamask account and show us your best performance!

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