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How To Use Kanga Exchange for Successful and Comfortable Web 3.0 Betting

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In the world of cryptocurrency it is necessary to have systems that make all the processes of exchange easier and guarantee secure access and support for a better trading experience. Kanga exchange is a developing system with fintech services and tools that facilitate buying cryptocurrency online and offline.

Every part of the fintech services designed by Kanga is anticipated to give the user the feeling of control and security while getting their tokens to bet on gambling platforms or perform another activity.

In this guide, we will explain how to use Kanga exchange and buy/sell different tokens to start your web 3.0 betting experience.

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What Is Kanga Exchange?

Kanga exchange is considered an ecosystem that is constantly growing inside the cryptocurrencies market, designed with fintech tools and services to create an easier way to make crypto transactions through a secure platform at any moment. This cryptocurrency exchange was launched in September 2018.

Since then, the whole team of Kanga has been working on adding services such as

  • A cryptocurrency wallet through a mobile application.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange offices that offer the client a face-to-face experience.
  • Payment gateway.
  • IEO platform.

There are many other tools and services for encouraging and facilitating the process for getting crypto assets to start betting on platforms like Dexsport.

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Getting Started with Kanga Exchange

Kanga is trying to facilitate widespread adoption of digital assets through its website or the Kanga app. Now that you know what Kanga is, it's time to know how you can use it step by step.

Create an Account

The first step to using Kanga is to create your account. This is how you do it:

  • Click on "Register".
  • Enter the email that you are going to use and check the agreement boxes.
  • Sign in to your mail and activate your account with the provided link and set your password.

It's important to remind you that to guarantee secure access you have to check that you are joining through the official mobile app or the official website.

Deposit Your Crypto

This exchange allows the user to store their funds and manage various crypto and fiat money transactions. Additionally, it is easier to manage different eventually found cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, KNG token, Metahero, Ethereum, and 20 others with the integrated wallet through the website or mobile app.

After you understand how cryptocurrency exchange works and you have your Kanga wallet app installed, it is time to deposit cryptocurrency into it.

  • Log into your account and open the Wallet > Deposit tab.
  • On the sub-menu list select the crypto you wish to deposit, by default the list includes only the cryptocurrency which is already in the trade. This will be the payment accepted by Kanga.
  • Scan the QR code or copy the wallet address.
  • Transfer the equivalent value of the funds and check the status of the money transferred at any time by visiting the "Transfers" tab in your Kanga Wallet. This is how you monitor account balances in your account.

Enjoy The Unique Features

Kanga exchange gives you access to different features that allow the user to buy or sell cryptocurrency through an easier transaction. Here are some of the features of the Kanga exchange.

ATM Withdrawals: Kanga counts with ATMs in different locations that provide support to Kanga exchange users. You can securely access your account balances and buy or sell to get cash.

Here's how it works:

  • The ATM will share the exchange rate and fees charged.
  • You will need to provide a code asked by the operator that will activate the transaction. There are two options to generate the code asked - through your Kanga Wallet app or on the website using your online account.
  • With the code you will need to check the conditions and confirm the transaction.

Not all exchanges offer this service to their users.

Profitable PoS (Proof of Stake): In Kanga, Proof of Stake is a feature that permits all users to profit from saving your KNG tokens in an exclusive PoS account.

Kanga will reward you if you stake your funds in the form of KNG token. This is a daily reward and will depend on two things, the number of funds on your personal PoS account and the daily income from all Kanga commissions.

This reward comes from a distribution of proof of stake deposits among all PoS KNG users.

Blog: Part of the cryptocurrency revolution is being informed about what is going on in the biggest news portals today.

Kanga counts with a huge blog for everyone that visits the official website with articles about the platform, updates on the services, and valuable content about cryptocurrency in general.

Markets Display: The platform has a section where you can follow the whole market prices and analyze in real-time when is the best moment to buy crypto, sell, or all the details that you need for trade.

Kanga Partner Exchange Office: This cryptocurrency exchange office is the definition of user experience. They are designed to facilitate users with direct transactions in the locations of the stores.

Kanga's partner exchange offices are designed simplistically so that you will have no trouble understanding how it works.

There are more than 250 physical Kanga exchange offices around Poland for all the users that offer trusted partners financial support.

The crypto exchange office allows you to purchase Kanga exchange token and any other utility token, such as DESU, directly in a "Face-to-Face" manner.

Practices to Perform on Kanga Exchange

Kanga exchange offers various profitable products for its users; the whole platform is designed with features that make crypto-based transactions easier. Those practices are listed hereafter.

Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies

Primarily, Kanga deals with crypto exchange. So, as a user, you can get a lot of benefits from this service. You can trade different types of cryptocurrencies without any interruption. In addition, the platform supports all countries and a wide range of currency types as well.

In terms of fiat currencies, users can choose between USD, EUR, and PLN. As for cryptocurrencies, they can trade with its token version, KNG (Kanga Exchange Token), or deposit other tokens to use them.

Apart from these options, traders can also use personal tokens on this platform; these are types of coins for privacy practices used by entities like enterprises or individual usage or trading.

Swap Cryptocurrencies

This option allows the user to change one cryptocurrency for another one. You will be paying a small fee for the network transaction.

Kanga also offers FIAT gateway support with the help of stable coins.

Earn on Holding KNG

Kanga offers extensive passive income mechanisms in such a way that people who have staked Kanga Exchange Token in the Proof of Stake (PoS) get a proportionate distribution of this revenue afterward in the same native KNG token.

Invite Your Friends & Earn

The affiliate program of the platform consists of a three-level division of returns from transaction fees among affiliates and the different levels of affiliation.

There is no limit to the number of users the referrer can invite and there are general rules for it. You can check them out on Kanga's official website.

Get a Kanga Card

To get a card it is necessary to have the KYC verification on your Kanga exchange account, the next step is becoming a Kanga Club Member.

To note, membership for the first 12 months and ordering the card is completely free, in the following months, the price for maintaining it will be only $0,99 per month.

Use Kanga Wallet

The Kanga Exchange Token can also be available wherever you go with the mobile app. After installing it you go to the OTC tab, generate a code and confirm the transaction.

With this wallet, you can check the exchange rate, have quick access to your funds, buy or sell cryptocurrency, send crypto by email and participate in the distribution of the PoS award.

How to Use Kanga Exchange - FAQ

Kanga is a crypto-asset exchange platform for project tokens such as DESU from Dexsport, personal tokens, and buying or selling cryptocurrency throughout your everyday life.

You can start using Kanga exchange by following this simple 7-step guide:

  1. Create your account.
  2. Activate your account.
  3. Deposit the cryptocurrency that you want to exchange.
  4. Go to the "Markets" tab.
  5. Search the crypto you want to get and select trade.
  6. Go to the "Buy" box and put the amount you want to get.
  7. Click the button and get your crypto coins.

Yes, it has a three-level program with different levels of KNG earnings depending on the referral.

Yes, You can quickly swap cryptocurrencies through the website platform or mobile app.

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