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Kanga Exchange Review - Get to Know a Convenient Crypto Exchange

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Kanga exchange is one of those platforms that started small but with a solid project became a huge website that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies in an easy way.

However, a lot of people still don't know about this site and because of that, they may be losing an opportunity to use a great exchange with lots of benefits.

So, if you want to know why Kanga is a trustable ecosystem of fintech tools that you can use for your crypto purposes, stay tuned.

How to buy DESU on PancakeSwap?

What Is Kanga Exchange?

Kanga was originally based in Poland until 2018 when they released the exchange globally. They are a secure and easy-to-use crypto exchange that provides users with several crypto services.

Kanga founders are experienced businessmen that are passionate about technology and finance. That's why they created a product where you could make transactions without spending too much time or with limited resources.

As an exchange, the website allows you to purchase or sell your assets using their platform. You also have other operations you can do to get passive income and be part of the community. An example of this would be getting the KNG token, which is the Kanga coin.

In December 2021, KNG became a negotiable asset. It has a total offering value of 21,000,000 units. At the moment, KNG has a market capitalization of $10.6 billion. KNG price is $7.61, this current price being variable, and it ranks on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

What is DESU token?

If you want to purchase KNG, you can't do it with fiat cash. You must deposit USDT and then get your token in the trading pair that is available.

The platform has dominance and reliance on the market thanks to the great support it has and the extensive passive income mechanisms they have.

What is DESU token?

Kanga Exchange Features

When you join Kanga you can:

  • Make real-time transactions with tons of crypto assets.
  • Find over 250 physical crypto exchange points. Each of these is a stationary exchange office where you can make your operations.
  • Make staking.
  • Use a Kanga crypto wallet.
  • Have a Kanga card for cash matters.
  • Participate in Kanga Exchange IEO.
  • Use mechanisms to speed up each transaction.
  • Process ICO payments with EUR, USD, or BTC.
  • Find live data of a fully diluted market cap and other reports.

This platform is also leading in the matters of security in exchanges, but we will explain this further below along with other features.

40+ Cryptocurrencies to Trade

Kanga exchange trades with over 40 pairs of crypto. Some of them are well-known such as BTC, USDT, and USDC, among others. This includes the DESU token that you can get with the pair DESU/USDT.

You also can trade with cryptocurrencies like LINK, DOME, MMPRO, HERO, etc.

High Level of Security

Kanga exchange is undoubtedly a very safe way of working with a crypto token. This is because:

  • The market knows who the founders are.
  • It has a license from the Republic of Seychelles.
  • It is backed up by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.
  • The exchange has physical stores where people can go and make their transactions.
  • You have 2-factor authentication. This gives you a boost of security in your account by asking for a one-time code when you are logging in.

Kanga Wallet to Store Crypto

If you don't have a decentralized wallet like Metamask, you store your cryptos in the Kanga wallet. You can access it from the website or using the Kanga Exchange app.

You can download the Android version and the iOS version.

We recommend you to use only official download links to avoid any kind of scam.

PoS to Earn Money

PoS or Proof of Staking is a feature that you can do in Kanga cryptocurrency exchange to earn rewards while holding a certain amount of cryptocurrencies.

You can stake both KNG and oPLN on PoS. When you stake these tokens you reduce the risk associated with investing in cryptocurrencies and no longer have to worry about Bitcoin - or any other crypto - drops.

Piece of advice: If you want to create a passive income over time, and with relatively low risk, you can use this strategy for your money. However, remember that 100% of the rewards are received in the form of the KNG token.

Crypto Purchase on Kanga

If you're entering Kanga exchange, you are probably looking to buy some cryptos or tokens. Below we have created a step-by-step mini-guide that shows you how to make a crypto purchase.

  • Access your Kanga account. In case you don't have one, sign up.
  • After that, pick the cryptocurrency you want to get in the "Markets" section. It can be DESU, BTC, ETH, USDT, or others.
  • Go to the "Buy Box" and enter the purchase price and amount desired. You must always check the current price if you want to make a fast purchase. If not, you can make a "buy order" at the price you want to get your coins.
  • Click on the "Buy” button to submit an open order.
  • If you choose to buy at the current price in the market, your buying order will close fast and you'll get your coins.


KangaLocal is the original Kanga exchange website where you can find the locations of the Kanga physical stores. You can buy, sell, and overall trade Kanga tokens and other cryptocurrencies there and use the USD price as a reference.

Kanga Exchange Pros & Cons


  • Possibility of generating passive income.
  • Trading benefits for holders.
  • This website has been around for several years already.
  • Also, the website is completely trusted by Trend Micro.
  • A variety of cryptocurrencies are available.
  • 0% fee for deposits with crypto.


  • Doesn't use a very intuitive theme.
  • Only 2 languages are available.
  • Few payment methods are accepted for getting crypto.

Kanga Exchange Fees

Kanga has some benefits when you are going to deposit. If you're using crypto, you don't have to pay fees.

In the case of withdrawals, this may vary depending on the crypto of your choice:

  • Ethereum (ETH): 0.008 ETH gas
  • 10set token (10SET): 14.82434228 10SET gas
  • Other Ethereum tokens: 0.02 ETH gas
  • Bitcoin (BTC): 0.0005 BTC gas
  • Bitcoin Vault (BTCV): 0.005 BTCV gas

For trading, the current fee is 0.2% of the total transaction amount, charged to the buyer and the seller.

Kanga Exchange Token - KNG token

Kanga exchange has a native token that is used to pay fees and other benefits. Below, we are going to explain in detail what it is and its features.

What is Kanga Token (KNG)?

KNG is a utility token that is used to make operations on Kanga exchange and pay fees. Its current circulating supply is about 21,000,000 KNG coins, the current Kanga exchange coin price is $6,51. This token is used as a governance token for everything related to Kanga and it gives you access to all the platform's features.

These features include:

  • Withdrawals in an ATM.
  • Use staking with profitable results.
  • Have access to the blog and all its content.
  • Have access to the market to display all coins charts, including the all-time high of each token and the 24-hour trading volume (24h vol).
  • Search for all cryptocurrencies in the exchange.
  • Buy Kanga Exchange token from physical offices.
  • Be part of the affiliate program.

As the platform develops, more features will come up. For example, the possibility of getting staking rewards from Dexsport (DESU) is one of these opportunities.

Kanga Exchange Review - FAQ

Kanga exchange is a cryptocurrency and crypto-asset exchange with multiple features that allows you to make crypto transactions anywhere you are. You can use your laptop or mobile phone or go to one of the physical stores.

Thanks to Kanga exchange, you can even use an ATM to buy BTC.

No. In Kanga Exchange, KYC is an option but it's not mandatory.

You can earn Kanga using the stake feature of the platform. You will get KNG rewards as you stake more tokens in the exchange.

You can also get a 0,3% reward bonus if you enable the auto-transfer option to re-stake your tokens.

The form to buy DESU on the Kanga exchange is following these instructions:

  1. Enter Kanga Exchange using your email and password.
  2. Go to the "Markets" section.
  3. Use the search bar to find the pair DESU/USDT.
  4. Select trade.
  5. In the "Buy DESU" section, choose the amount of USDT you want to exchange.
  6. Confirm the operation.
  7. Get your tokens.

You don't need to have a "payment accepted" sign or anything because you're making a trading operation. It will be a fast and secure transaction.

Yes. Kanga exchange is one of the safest platforms to trade cryptocurrency. This is because:

  • You have transparent developers.
  • The website is constantly growing.
  • There is a community behind the exchange.
  • There is a valid SSL certificate.
  • It is trusted by Trend Micro.
  • It is regulated by an official Polish organization.
  • There are physical stores that back the website in case something goes wrong.
  • You have strong customer support available.

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