Product licensing process

how to claim

Instructions in 3 steps how to get a digital version of the product

Let's go shopping

Visit our website and choose merch marked "NFC" in order to be able to get a digital version of the product.


Use the phone

After you have received the long-awaited product, you need to bring a phone with a built-in NFC reader to a special label on the product. The phone read the label, and opens a unique web page.


Connect wallet

Connect your Web 3 wallet, and collect the NFT by clicking on the "Claim" button. In a few minutes, the NFT will be in your wallet.

You need to have some BNB on your balance for a successful transaction


License received

Congratulations! Now you have a digital version of the product with a unique number assigned.

What is NFC?

An NFC tag is detected with one touch when a smartphone equipped with an NFC module is fed into it. As a rule, you do not need to use a separate mobile application for entertainment. Anyone can point the phone at the NFC tag and see the virtual version of the merchandise.

What is NFT?

NFT is a unique digital copy of the product. An object in a single copy with such a bunch of technologies cannot be repeated or imitated. The value of a digital object is backed by a physical copy and vice versa. This is a 100% guarantee and confirmation that the item is genuine, and the owner of the product and the NFT are the same person.