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Instant VIP is a unique offer that allows you to instantly get VIP status, bypassing game progress.


Who is

For exceptional people. Being VIP means joining the heart of Dexsport, receiving special privileges and forming bonds with like-minded people who are always eager to help and support you. Being VIP means wanting more than just playing - it's about wanting to be a part of excellence

  • Instant status

    You instantly become VIP and get the VIP status.

  • Individual services

    Do you have any special requests? Let's talk about this!

  • VIP cashback

    You have the opportunity to receive a personal weekly cashback.

  • Personal assistant

    You get a personal VIP buddy who is at your service practically 24/7.

Our VIP players have amazing opportunity to get cashback up to 10% on weekly basis:

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Every monday during the day your VIP manager will contact you with a great news that your cashback is credited to your balance on the Dexsport, if you match terms and conditions of VIP cashback program.

Read more about cashback terms and conditions

No wager

You don't need to wager any sum of cashback to keep playing

Weekly drop

You will get your cashback every week

Exclusive offer

Feel special, not everyone can boast such a pleasure

How to get

Fill in required information

Leave your preferred contact to get in touch with us. Your wallet address you using at Dexsport.

Make a bet of a 2500 USDT or equivalent

Only after you follow these two steps will the instant VIP be activated. Your personal manager will contact you within 24 hours.

Anyone can get Instant VIP?
How do I know that I have received VIP status?
Can I get individual limits and conditions through a personal assistant?
How can I get Instant VIP?
Will VIP status give me support privileges?
Can I choose where to communicate with my assistant?
This will NOT work if…
This WILL work for you if...
Anyone can get Instant VIP?
This service is available to everyone. We value your needs and strive to provide this opportunity to every person who wants to save time and instantly become our special VIP player.