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The International Dota2 betting contest
October 8-30





The strongest Dota 2 teams will face each other in a series of fierce battles and fight for the title of top-1 Dota 2 team! We also decided arrange our own battle aimed at rewarding the best betting experience on Dexsport. All bets made within the tournament will be recorded in a leaderboard!

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  • Connect Web3 wallet on the Port3
  • Complete the following tasks
  • Start placing bets!
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    About the contest

    • How to participate in the International betting contest?

      Just place bets within the International 2022 tournament on Dexsport and meet conditions written here.

    • How will the prize pool be distributed?

      1 place — 200,000 DESU

      2 place — 150,000 DESU

      3 place — 120,000 DESU

      4 place — 100,000 DESU

      5 place — 100,000 DESU

      6 place — 80,000 DESU

      7 place — 80,000 DESU

      8 place — 60,000 DESU

      9 place — 60,000 DESU

      10 place — 50,000 DESU

    • When will the competition take place?

      The contest will be held from 00:00 UTC October 8 to 23:59 UTC October 30 while the tournament is up and running.

    • Where can I check the results?

      The results will be announced in our socials on October 31.

    • Bets made in which betting pools are counted in the leaderboard?

      All bets made on Dexsport will be counted in the leaderboard and converted to USD.

    • How often is the leaderboard refreshed?

      The leaderboard is refreshed in 15 minutes after each bid made.