on the first decentralized crypto betting platform 🤑

decentralised prediction platform with guaranteed liquidity for millions of users. A defi prediction that includes: sports prediction, prediction market, P2P prediction on cryptocurrency rates and NFT collecting.

How it works

Place bets on any sports matches by connecting your decentralized wallet in two clicks.

Betting system problem now

The existing batting tools are too complex for the average user, which requires a large amount of specific and up-to-date knowledge, such as interaction with pools, deposit liquidity, and mitigation of non-permanent losses.

Centralization of companies

The likelihood of hacking and theft of funds

Lack of user keys

Lengthy withdrawal verification processes

Government bans


2.23 ETH

Liquidity pool

Deposit into the pool and earn income from the common pool, which acts as a liquidity provider

Open app


Stake DES to earn new tokens

You can unstake at any time


Entrepreneur, investor, producer of digital and blockchain projects. He is also a founder of the 13Exchange p2p platform aggregator, the Six Touches Agency digital agency and the largest forum TerraCrypto, which unites miners and community traders from all over the world.
Entrepreneur and executive with more than 10 years experience in high tech industry. Founder, business angel and operator of various start-ups: independent software vendors, custom software development, internet start-ups, payment processing.
10 years of project management experience, more than 30 successfully implemented projects in the field of blockchain and fintech.
Significant experience with affiliate marketing services for 5 years. Developed and executed strategic marketing plans. Drove over $14M in gross revenue with over $7M in margin.
Many years of experience in investment attraction and consulting both in public and private sector. Attracted more than $200M of capital investments to Tatarstan in one year.
Project manager of 15 successfully implemented investment projects and start-ups. Worked with large IT companies (Facebook, NNG, Hikvision, Schreder, Huawei, Ericsson).
Marco has over 8 years of Business Development experience in SaaS and Blockchain, working in small teams with big ambitions.
He is currently the head of business development at Certik, one of the world’s leading security-focused ranking platform to analyse and monitor blockchain protocols and DeFi projects.

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