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The Dexsport logo is a recognizable symbol. It’s available in three formats: full, compact, and with the web3 betting badge.




Basic color product. All buttons and active elements are filled in this color.


Graphite black is mainly used as a base for the background.


Pure white is the main color for writing text.



Adieu is an extended sans serif typeface inspired by high speed. It is mainly developed for headings, logos and display, but we have seen some good examples of chunky text set in it as well.

Object Sans

Object Sans is a contemporary type family that puts together the best qualities of Swiss neo-grotesks and geometric fonts. It’s a multifunctional workhorse designed to work best.

Promo images

We have collected a pack of images created by our designers. You can use these pictures for your articles, advertisements and so on.

Download pack

Telegram stickers

We're excited to share our brand new Telegram stickers. Add a touch of personality and delight to your conversations by incorporating these expressive stickers into your chats.


These recommendations have been developed to ensure that all Dexsport users receive the same delightful user experience