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10% cashback on NBA bets

The world of sports and betting enthusiasts has something to look forward to this November, as the NBA 2023 season takes center stage on the Dexsport platform from November 8th to November 22nd. With a set of exciting terms and conditions, this event promises to bring basketball fans and bettors an unforgettable experience. And a little spoiler alert, even if you have any daring bets, Dexsport will cover you 10%!

Terms and Conditions

Before diving into the thrilling NBA action, it's essential to understand the terms and conditions that govern this event on the Dexsport platform. 

1. Minimum Bet: To participate in the NBA 2023 activity, the minimum bet requirement is set at $10. This affordable entry point ensures that basketball fans of all levels can join the action.
2. Maximum Cashback Amount: Participants have the chance to earn cashback rewards, with the maximum cashback amount capped at an impressive $1000. This provides an extra incentive for bettors to engage in the contest.
3. Bet Types: Both single and express bets are accepted for the NBA 2023 event. Whether you prefer the thrill of individual game outcomes or the complexity of multiple-event accumulators, Dexsport has you covered.
4. Betting Options: Participants can choose between live or pre-match bets. This flexibility allows for a wide range of betting strategies, catering to both those who enjoy the in-the-moment excitement and those who prefer to analyze matchups beforehand.
5. Minimum Odds: To qualify for the activity, all bets must have odds of at least 1.3x. This ensures that participants are engaged in meaningful and competitive wagers, adding to the overall excitement of the event.
6. Express Bets: Express bets, which consist of multiple events, are eligible for calculation in the activity. However, they must contain at least one NBA event with minimum odds of 1.3x. This rule encourages participants to include NBA action in their multi-event wagers.