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Bitcoin Cash Betting Sites

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Are you aware that online sports betting has become more than a billion dollars market today? If you have been involved in betting for quite some time, you might be familiar with online brokers and cash betting sites. But have you tried your luck on Bitcoin Cash betting yet?

Many online gambling platforms have started accepting a wide range of cryptocurrencies. One such virtual currency is Bitcoin Cash. Crypto betting sites are a new concept that is gaining popularity and is predicted to change the online gambling industry forever. Keep reading to understand every aspect of betting with Bitcoin Cash.

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What Are Bitcoin Cash Betting Sites?

Today, hundreds of online betting sites allow you to gamble from anywhere and anytime. Technology has given wings to bookmakers, as betting on your favourite team is just one click away. You no longer have to visit traditional on-land casinos. Real-time scores and wagers are readily available at sports betting sites. To make things more exciting, cryptocurrency has come to play its role.

Bitcoin Cash is a common cryptocurrency nowadays. As it circulates on the concept of blockchain, which makes gambling sites much more transparent, reliable and secure. All you gotta do is log in to a verified betting site with the crypto payment option, make the Bitcoin Cash deposits through your e-wallet and place a bet. It's that simple!

What is DESU token?

Benefits of Betting with Bitcoin Cash on Dexsport

Dexsport understands that betting can be a great deal for some gamblers. You cannot risk your assets on any online site you come across. Every gambler, whether big or small, looks for security, trust and benefits on a betting platform.

You must be well aware of the life-changing invention of digital currency. The circulation of crypto is itself guarded and fool-proof. So, the mere presence of crypto options makes betting sites much more trustworthy and safe. Even though betting with Bitcoin Cash is still in progress, here are some advantages that betting on Dexsport gives you:


Who doesn't like privacy? Living in a society that sees gambling as unethical and deteriorating, people often feel safe while concealing their online identity. Unlike any other online betting site, Dexsport allows you to play anonymously.

You do not have to share personal information online or fill out lengthy registration forms. Every crypto owner is only known by a pseudonym or private address, which changes with every transaction as you move ahead in the blockchain. So, for gamblers who want to maintain their privacy while betting online, Bitcoin betting sites are the way to go.

No Borders

Have you ever encountered a betting site that didn't open on your device? It was probably because that site is banned or restricted in some countries. It also generates significant revenue and collects taxes for the country. It may also boost the economy if the market is appropriately planned. But, due to the adverse effects of gambling on society and easy access to the underage population, governments of some countries had to take some action.

Usually, online cash betting sites are governed by the legislation of their country. They have to stick to their laws and might be banned or restricted in other countries, but that is not the case with crypto casino games. Bitcoin Cash betting sites can cross all borders or countries, as any central body cannot govern them. So, Dexsport, a decentralized crypto betting site, allows you to place bets from anywhere worldwide.

Easy Payment Gateways

Getting stuck amidst the payment processing is the most stressful moment. Luckily, crypto casino site navigation and payment gateway are direct and safe. Access to crypto wallets is convenient on Dexsport. You can easily link the betting platform to your e-wallet and make the transaction.

This way, you can place bets on your favourite sports without depositing your funds on any platform wallet. You are totally in control of which currency you want to play with, when you want to make the deposits or withdrawals, and where your assets will flow.

Free and Fast Transactions

Do you dislike when brokers or betting platforms keep a share of your winnings? Rest assured because no one is charging you any transaction fee or tax if you are betting on Dexsport. The Bitcoin Cash transactions are speedy and free from intermediary charges.

For the same reason, deposit and withdrawal methods are also instant. The betting site is not in control of your crypto assets. There are withdrawal limits in other online casinos. You might have also heard or witnessed cases of delayed or denied withdrawals even after winning. But that won't be the case with Bitcoin Cash.

Variety of Sports

Baseball, Football, Tennis and MMA are some of the most trending sports on crypto betting sites. You can watch live scores of matches on Dexsport. It not only offers a variety of sports but also offers higher bets than conventional platforms.

To take the excitement further, it also offers bets on live tournaments and competitions of popular video games. Yes, you heard that right! Eyeing the increasing fan base for video games like League of Legends and Valorant, people have started calling them esports. The fun part is that the bet increases with increasing difficulty levels.

Fair Bets

Anonymity does not mean that one cannot trace back previous transactions to their owners. The person's crypto address can be seen alongside every block on blockchain, and thus chances of stealing, fraud and payment delays are meek. You can also track all your past transactions through online scanners. So, keep your worries aside because sites with Bitcoin Cash, a cryptocurrency, have provably fair games. All the transactions made by crypto are public records.

Sports and eSports for Sports Betting with Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash betting allows you to bet on live sports, virtual sports, and esports. The sports include baseball, football, tennis and basketball stadium matches, whereas eSports can be live streaming of popular video games.

The principle of a sports betting site is straightforward - bet on the winning team or player. Some most watched sports in the world are The Europa League, The European Champions League and Wimbledon. The wagering rates are very volatile in sports. Their ups and downs vary with the position of the game at every moment.

If you want to avoid the anxiety of changing game scores, you can bet into half or goal markets. The former is based on the halftime result, while the latter is based on the final result. So, your profits change depending on the betting options or markets you choose.

While Soccer is considered a risky market, tennis is light as the matches are short with easy statistics. It doesn't mean that it does not involve value odds. The wagering rates also change with changing markets.

The craze for esports is increasing, especially in the younger population. Playing advanced video games at a professional level is no joke, and gambling sites have considered that. League of Legends and Valorant have broken records worldwide, giving its players battle arena-style shooting experiences.

So, whether it's sports or esports, here is a valuable tip before betting on any team - spot past winners of matches and tournaments and study their playing strategies before risking your money. After all, different sports have different odds and opportunities. Good luck!

The Most Popular Bitcoin Cash Bets Types

Regular gamblers are well aware of the wagering rates, odds and risks a sports bet brings along. There are various factors to consider and mathematical calculations to declare the results. Even if you are new to this, don't feel overwhelmed with all the knowledge that comes your way. Let us explain the best Bitcoin Cash bet types as simply as we can:

Accumulator Bets

As the name suggests, you place four or more selections into a single wager in these bets. The tricky part is that all the selections must win for a successful result. If all your selections are correct, you win; if not, you lose all wager. These are primarily witnessed in Football matches. More experienced gamblers participate in accumulator bets as even though the chances of winning are less, the returns can be huge.

Moneyline Bets

These bets are also known as win bets universally. They are pretty straightforward to understand. You place a bet on a team or player you think will win. If you are right, you win the bet. While most sports have just two options, the Football market offers a draw option as well. So, if your prediction was a draw in the match, you win.

Moneyline bets are for you if you want to bet on the most probable outcome. You may consider a player or team's current form and past statistical record to increase your winning chances. These are pretty safe bets. However, we recommend you follow proper risk management.

Prop Bets

Also known as the 'specials', prop bets are based on sheer luck and played for fun. Even though professional bettors might not be interested in these, they aren't a bad idea to win some extra cash. The match's final outcome does not decide the results of prop bets. Instead, you bet which player will score a hat-trick, make the first goal or take the first catch. In the case of esports, you will see prop bets on which player or team makes the first kill or takes over the first tower.

Handicap Bets

If you have studied the strategies of different teams or players and know the market you are betting on, you can try your luck at handicap bets. The concept behind handicap bet is to provide an advantage to an underdog team and a disadvantage to the favourite team.

In other words, the bookmakers place handicap or negative goal points on the superior team to keep the underdog at an advantage. It evens out the gaming field between the two different teams. The odds are increased for the favoured team and lowered for the opponent.

For example, a handicap of +/-2 is placed on a match between Manchester and Newcastle. It would mean that Manchester United has to score 3 goals for you to win the handicap bet, as Newcastle is already at an advantage of 2 goals

Outright Bets

Outright bets are also known as ante-post bets. If you love playing favourites, this bet is for you. You can bet on your favoured team or player, weeks or months before the sports events. It is a bet on the entire league or season of the matches. The wagering rates are based on past studies and spotting potential winners. So, if your chosen team or player ends up winning all the matches of the upcoming season, you win!

How to Bet with Bitcoin Cash on Dexsport and other Sports Betting Sites?

Dexsport is the first decentralized crypto betting site that allows you to make transactions in crypto tokens. Bitcoin Cash is not one of them. However, you can easily convert Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to Dexsport-supported crypto before betting through exchange wallets.

On Dexsport, you can make transactions in DESU tokens, BUSD, MDAO, WBNB, LAUNCH and YAY. This decentralized platform can be linked with a crypto wallet like 'Metamask'. So, there is no need to deposit funds onto the platform. You can directly place bets once linked with Metamask.

Follow these simple steps to start betting on Dexsport:

  1. Download, install and create an account on Metamask wallet from your device.
  2. Open Dexsport directly or through Metamask inner browser menu.
  3. Click on the 'connect' button on the Dexsport window.
  4. Choose the token of your choice from the drop-down list.
  5. Add tokens to the betting pool through Metamask.
  6. Once the transaction is completed, click 'Okay'.
  7. Select the sport, choose the odds and enter the amount of money you want to bet on.
  8. You have placed your bet successfully.
  9. You can check the status of your previous bids on the 'My Bets' page.

Keep the above steps in mind, as the same procedure will be used in the future when the Bitcoin Cash payment option is also added to the list.

Let us now talk about other betting sites, like Bitcasino and Cloudbet, which accept all common cryptocurrencies to play. Once you enter a betting platform, it is easy to navigate the payment options and choose betting options. Here is the route to be followed on other sports betting sites to place a bet:

  1. Sign up at your chosen crypto gambling site.
  2. After setting up an account, go to the deposit column on the website.
  3. Copy the public address mentioned to transfer crypto.
  4. Paste the digital address in the payment section of your crypto e-wallet.
  5. Once your crypto wallet is linked to the sportsbook, transfer the chosen amount to the sportsbook. (You may receive welcome bonuses on deposit)
  6. Select the best sports betting market and place the bet.

Bonuses at Bitcoin Cash Crypto Gambling Sites

As online cryptocurrency gambling sites are booming, there is competition. Almost every online casino nowadays provides first-time clients a handsome welcome bonus package. These bonuses help the players take higher risks, sometimes resulting in a bigger win. Old players may also receive promotions later if they stay active on that betting account.

Bitcoin Cash crypto betting sites are known for their incredible benefits, especially in the US and UK. The bonuses can be given as free bets, reload bonuses and cashback. To get your hands on amazing bonuses, you have to find an excellent sportsbook to start with. Download or access the platform online to get yourself registered.

Remember that you can unlock bonuses at different stages for different markets. The promotional bonus is added to your existing wallet balance, whose amount depends on your betting history. Here are some typical bonuses you will come across once you sign up for crypto betting platforms:

Deposit Bonus

Who doesn't enjoy a decent welcome gift? If you are a new client, you can expect to receive a massive welcome bonus on your first deposit on the gambling site. However, some gambling websites may also offer small bonuses on every deposit you make throughout your membership.

Here's the catch! A bettor must bet on a particular market to receive the bonus credits. Plus, these bonuses come with playthrough requirements. For example, a 5x playthrough rate indicates that you must wager 5 tokens to get 1 token. So, intelligent use of these bonuses by placing safe bets is the only way to get the most out of these site credits.

No-Deposit Bonus

What's better than playing with someone else's money? You can also call no-deposit bonuses early, small incentives that a future bettor receives on sign-up or registration. These bonuses help attract newbies who want to experience how betting works.No deposit bonuses are like an extra shield of protection where you don't have to stake money from your pockets.

Although some wagering requirements are attached to these bonuses, you get to experience the thrill of gambling with real money. You can even withdraw some winnings if you complete their wagering requirements. They are easy to earn and help you try your luck at sports bets without risking your own money.

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets are a great way to play tension-free as there is no fear of losing. Yes, you heard that right. It is a promotional tool for new as well as old bettors. Check out a good betting odd on the sportsbook and place a bet.

If you win, great; if not, you will get a refund equal to your lost stake upto a limited amount. So, if you win a risk-free bet, don't let it go to waste. Try your luck at a high-end bet you otherwise couldn't afford, as you will eventually get your money back.

Loyalty/VIP Programs

Well, loyalty comes with consistent support. Bettors with excellent betting history and who remain active on their betting account get an invitation to enter the VIP club of that betting platform. It's like getting a premium version of a mobile app or website. Such gamblers get access to new features like early withdrawals, better odds, instant notifications, and higher rewards.

Loyalty programs give you special treatment depending on how much money you have used for betting on their platform. You can also expect special VIP bonuses as a part of these loyalty programs. These exclusive bonuses are not awarded to regular players unless they fulfill the program criteria.

Final Thoughts

As all good things have to come to an end, we have reached the end of our article. No doubt, Dexsport is one of the best sports betting platforms today. We hope you gathered as much knowledge as possible from this article. If you are more than 18 years of age and want to try your intellect and luck at sports betting, go ahead! If you own cryptocurrency, all the better.

Crypto and online betting seem like the perfect combination in this fast-growing world. It would not be wrong to see them as the future of gambling. A trusted crypto sportsbook like Dexsport is progressing rapidly and providing competent facilities and ease of gambling from homes. The instant payouts, a wide range of markets and convenience are what we are here for.

It is important to note that Gamstop does not cover crypto sports betting sites. Gamstop is a tool to limit the amount of money you invest in gambling and stop you just in time. Without it, you are on your own. So, All we can leave you with is wisdom.

Remember that gambling is a rabbit hole, even if you play on the best crypto betting sites. The reason some people have been able to make it big on these platforms is because of the timely realization of its pros and cons. You can also make money as a professional gambler in the future, given that you play with the right mindset. Happy betting!

Bitcoin Cash Betting Sites FAQs

Now that you have a good idea about Bitcoin cash betting sites, the types of bonuses they offer and how to sign up on such a platform, it's time that we answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you already have Bitcoin Cash, great; if you don't, you can convert your fiat currency to Bitcoin Cash in e-wallets like Metamask, Kanga exchange and Pancakeswap. Make sure you have enough Bitcoin Cash to make the minimum deposit on sports betting markets. Now, follow these simple steps to start betting:

  1. Pick a sportsbook that accepts Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and set up an account.
  2. Go to the Deposit column.
  3. Transfer sufficient BCH to the online casino's wallet from your crypto wallet through payment id or address.
  4. Once the amount is visible on the website, you will receive a welcome bonus, if any.
  5. Choose an appropriate sports market.
  6. Place the wagers and wait for your win.

Not yet. While many cryptocurrency betting sites today accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment option, Dexsport is yet to join the club. Hopefully, you will soon see this option on the Dexsport betting section. Even then, there is nothing to worry about, as you can easily convert your Bitcoin Cash to DESU (Dexsport Protocol Native Token) or other tokens supported by Dexsport.

Dexsport charges no transaction fee for any token. These crypto payments are almost instant, whereas processing other cash payments takes a few business days.

Although there are plenty of sports to bet on across the globe, the most popular ones among online crypto gamblers are Cricket, Football, Horse-Racing, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. Among these, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and Football have a massive amount of viewers in the US and UK

Many decent sports bookmakers have mobile apps for IOS and Android users. You can also check out the sportsbooks of the best crypto gambling sites to know the betting odds and wagering rates before placing the bets. Note that, even within a particular sport, there are different markets and bets like Moneyline and handicap.

You will be surprised to know that the esports market is worth 900 million USD today. Who thought that your kid's shooting video games could become a potential betting market in the future? eSports are now considered a separate niche in betting with the rise of professional-level video games. Looking at the stats, Bitcoin Cash sports betting platforms are also slowly entering the world of esports.

These are primarily single or multiplayer battle-arena-type video games. The ones attracting the most attention today are League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Valorant and Rocket League. You can place bets in different markets of live tournaments and competitions. Game developers and Gamers have been successful at attracting attention with their skills. If this looks like something you would like to explore, go ahead.

There isn't a fixed answer for this. Decentralized platforms are the way to go if you want complete control of your assets and experience betting with crypto. There are fewer restrictions, fair betting odds and fast processing. Your identity is completely hidden, so outsiders cannot easily detect it. Dexsport is licensed and uses advanced Web3 technology that is free from any middlemen and contracts.

But the downside is that you are entirely at your own risk. There is no protective body to prevent you from scams or provide you rights in case anything goes south. These sites are not on Gamstop, so there is nobody to stop you from getting bankrupt if you get addicted.

On the other hand, centralized or traditional betting sites are under semi or full control of a country's government. These platforms are not far behind in having top-notch sportsbooks, facilities and features. Government can set limits on wagering rates and change betting limits. Bettors and sports market owners are also charged with some transaction fees or taxes. But, at least you are in safe hands and betting legally. You have the right to claim damages in case of fraud and seek help from Gamstop.

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