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Crypto Betting Sites - Platforms for Sports Betting

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These days, crypto betting sites offer different options for online gambling, such as sports betting sites, and many of them have improved their platforms to offer more crypto bonuses and a bunch of benefits for high rollers and casual gamblers that are looking for a thrilling experience in these platforms

In the following article, we want to tell you about the best cryptocurrency betting sites and how to choose the one that fits better for your needs.

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What Are Crypto Betting Sites?

Online crypto casinos, also known as crypto betting sites, are platforms that help you place sports bets. These crypto sites provide a great selection of countless sports betting options, online casino games, a generous welcome bonus for beginners, non-anonymous betting, sports events, competitive odds, and everything that can be done through crypto transactions.

Crypto sports betting sites accept different payment methods such as fiat currencies and other cryptos like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and more.

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How to Find The Best Crypto Betting Sites?

There are plenty of crypto sports betting sites out there and you must be asking yourself how to find the best crypto betting sites now that the gambling industry is growing.

There are a few aspects that we consider you need to know to select the online casino of your preference.

Here are some essential factors about crypto sports betting sites.

Country Support

Before registering or adding your crypto to any cryptocurrency betting platform you must check if it is legal in your country.

Any legit crypto betting site must tell you if you can do crypto transactions on your current location to avoid losing your money.


Most crypto betting sites depend on what their users say about the website, the app, and the gaming experience in general.

Successful Bitcoin betting depends on high-quality platforms that guarantee security and legitimacy.

You can check the website's reputation online. You can search for communities, reviews, and monitors to help you in your quest.

If the betting site has a registered number, you can also check if it's real with the corresponding organization.


It is essential to know how you are going to manage your money inside the platform. Not every crypto sports betting site has the same withdrawal limits or manages the same currencies.

Virtual sports are considered a fast market. This is why no withdrawal limits and high-speed crypto transactions are important.

Best crypto sports betting sites can give you access to your funds in minutes, otherwise, any other betting platform can take hours or days.

The best crypto sportsbook has no withdrawal limits and accepts tons of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Solana, and Tether, among others.

This is ideal for those who bet big.

End-to-End Crypto Betting Sites

End-to-end betting sites are better than traditional betting sites.

The latest ones convert your crypto funds automatically into fiat currencies while they are inside the platform, which eventually you will need to withdraw with troublesome payment methods.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency sports betting sites that offer end-to-end allow you to use different digital assets and many advantages such as anonymity, faster withdrawals, and larger amounts to manage.

Not all online casino sites offer these benefits, an end-to-end crypto sports betting site may have enough potential to do it, but you can”t have an actual guarantee.

To register or to add funds and have success in the process it's necessary to know everything about the crypto sports betting site that you choose.

Bonuses for Their Users

The best online betting sites offer different bonuses for their users when they become a part of the community.

The most common is the welcome bonus and the deposit bonus.

You can get both when you register or deposit betting money for the first time.

Also, some online gambling sites promote VIP programs that bring benefits through a clear term list between the user and the platform that result in high-quality rewards.

There are also crypto betting contests where you can participate to win extra money to keep gaming. An example of this would be the betting contest from Dexsport, where you can get up to 6500$ if you place bets using the DESU pool.

Features of Crypto Betting Sites

The best crypto gambling sites support their users through the process of starting inside the crypto bet and online betting in general.

Selecting such cryptocurrency betting sites will depend on what kind of online bets on sports you are interested in, and the currencies that you use.

Here listed are some features of these crypto online casinos that you should remember when choosing a website:

  • International transactions: Due to the fact that decentralized sites are on the Web3, you can easily make crypto transactions without country restrictions or a middleman.
  • You decide how to invest: You manage your cryptocurrencies as you want, traditional crypto casinos may ask you to use bank accounts or personal cards that can be blocked.
  • Save and make money: Everyday fiat currency loses its value because of inflation, betting with crypto helps you to preserve your money value online.
  • Privacy: In most crypto sportsbooks you can bet anonymously, and manage by yourself every asset and transaction.
  • Instant and without limits: Crypto betting sites don't have transaction limits, and you can easily deposit or withdraw your funds at low costs.
  • Make profit: Investing in Bitcoin sports betting sites keeps the value of your assets over time.

eSports & Sports at Crypto Betting Sites

Crypto betting sites give you the opportunity to gamble using cryptocurrency instead of traditional fiat currency.

The different platforms available on the internet give you fast deposits and withdrawals so you don”t lose any betting opportunity out there so you can make profits and enjoy your gambling experience.

Besides casino games, these crypto casinos have eSports and sports games where you can place bets without any interruption and according to your experience.


The eSports industry started as a videogames entertainment industry where adrenaline, difficulty, and fun were the main characteristics that people used to watch.

However, this industry became very popular and users started to create concepts around these online games, calling them eSports.

Nowadays, you can bet on very popular games such as:

  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike
  • DOTA 2
  • Valorant

Matches are played by real professional gamers that train hard and evolve with the video games to remain up-to-date with the latest releases. This has big importance since titles like League of Legends launch new seasons pretty often with new characters and functionalities

So, eSports teams must be aware of these changes if they want to stay on top.

You are able to bet in different ways. For example, based on a score, a player, or a team.


Crypto betting sites provide you with several traditional sports games where you can place bets.

These are based on actual matches from the disciplines and teams around the world.

You probably already know how they work since they have been present on traditional casino websites for a long time. We are talking about the usual sports like horse racing, football, soccer, basketball, and more.

Top crypto betting sites will have tons of daily games available for you and different odds where you can bet.

If you don”t trust the platform, you should always check if the game is actually happening before you set your bet.

How to Bet at Crypto Betting Sites

Like every cryptocurrency transaction, these are irreversible, that's why you have to know everything about how to bet on the crypto sportsbook that you choose.

Remember that this is a volatile market and your profit or loss could be affected.

Some crypto betting sites offer a generous welcome bonus through a promotional code when you register, but don't be tempted by greed.

Here listed is how to bet on a sports betting site easily:

  • Register on the best crypto betting site of your preference.
  • If you already have digital currencies, you can deposit your funds on the crypto sports betting website. You may receive a welcome bonus for that. In case you don't possess funds, use a reliable exchange like Binance or PancakeSwap to add cryptocurrency to your e-wallet.
  • After you add funds to the wallet, you need to choose the asset and send it to the Bitcoin sportsbook to start betting.
  • Add the funds you want to bet from the wallet to your account on any of the online crypto betting sites you have chosen. You can use a non-custodial or a hosted wallet, depending on the levels of safety and security that you prefer.
  • On the crypto betting site, choose the digital asset you are going to use. In the deposit section, there is a public address linked to your account, copy that address on your clipboard.
  • Paste the address in your wallet or crypto exchange and transfer the money. The deposit takes up to 10 minutes to arrive. In case you don't see your money available, contact customer support.

If you follow this step-by-step guide your account would be successfully charged with your funds and you'll be able to start with your sports bets.

Decentralized Betting Sites Vs. Crypto Betting Sites

A betting platform must be a safe place to manage your money. That's why you must know the difference between a decentralized site and a conventional crypto casino.

The main difference is that traditional crypto betting sites don't work with end-to-end crypto processes and your funds are deposited to a platform. This could be a disadvantage because you don't have real control of your assets.

Decentralized betting sites are based on an open-sourced model that involves the blockchain and works inside the Web3.

This model of cryptocurrency sports betting sites doesn't have a specific owner, because all the sports bettors are involved inside the platform.

Here are some principal advantages of Web3 sports betting against traditional bookies.

Based on Smart Contracts

Thanks to the blockchain, every bet, and asset inside a decentralized betting site are controlled by the player.

In the case of crypto betting sites, operations could have governmental control and country restrictions for the transactions.

Traditional Bitcoin betting sites comply with the laws of the territory they are operating. Decentralized crypto sports betting sites allow you to operate internationally without restrictions.

Security is one of the principal aspects you need to take count on when you register into crypto sports betting sites. Mainly because the website normally is on the other side of the world and you must guarantee the safety of your funds.

The Web3 crypto sportsbooks have an online scanner that allows you to check the whole process of your transaction from the beginning until it's done. The scanning process can vary depending on the crypto you use.

No Crypto Wallets Required

The advantage of using decentralized crypto betting sites is that you don't need to deposit your funds directly into the platform.

The only thing you need to do is connect your wallet to the crypto sports betting site that you choose using a decentralized wallet and then you won't need any other interaction.

Any traditional crypto sports betting site has to follow the laws of the country where it's established. This makes processes much longer and your funds and cards could be blocked if you are not inside the territory.

Transactions are Processed in No Time & With Zero Fees

When you use traditional sports betting sites you would be forced to pay incoming taxes from your payment methods (like debit/credit card).

Decentralized platforms are tax-free in almost every country.

On the other hand, decentralized betting sites take lower fees than traditional ones. Normally, they don't pass the 5% of the bet in case you lose.

If you need your money, transactions are available immediately by clicking on "withdrawal funds" and you will have your money in your wallet with 0% fees.

Plenty of Benefits for Users

Decentralized crypto sportsbooks offer their users plenty of benefits and rewards for playing.

Top crypto betting sites have VIP programs and affiliate programs that bring benefits to those who invest in them and allow you to monetize your traffic.

For example, Dexsport offers profit for bringing players to our platform, and payouts are made directly to your wallet.

Our decentralized betting platform rewards you as a user with high bonuses on our platform. Also, different kinds of virtual sports and eSports are available for everyone at any moment.

Crypto Betting Sites - FAQ

Crypto and Bitcoin sports betting sites are platforms for betting on different sports types such as virtual sports, eSports, horse racing, and more. They use cryptocurrencies as payment methods but can accept fiat as well.

Yes. In our opinion, decentralized betting sites are better because they are based on the blockchain and managed with smart contracts that allow users to have the entire control of their bets and assets.

Dexsport uses the same Web3 decentralized methodology to create a transparent, social, and happy community within a platform that is controlled entirely by users.

Crypto betting sites are trustworthy when you use cryptocurrency as a payment method to deposit or withdraw without taxes and monitor your movements easily.

You need to know that there's always the possibility of losing your funds because most crypto betting sites require you to deposit betting money on their platform.

These are the benefits of betting on crypto betting sites:

  • Fast and secure.
  • Lower costs.
  • Privacy.

It's always better to use a decentralized betting site because you are the one who controls your money. They provide a higher level of security because they are based on Web3 and you only need to connect your wallet directly to the platform. All without depositing your assets.

As a user, you can access and watch every part of any transaction and manage your funds freely. Its nature makes decentralized sports betting sites safer and more intuitive than traditional crypto betting sites.

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